The York St John Postgraduate Research Student Lifecycle

Following York St John University's successful application for research degree awarding powers, research students are now admitted on to York St John University research degree programmes only.

When the University was granted Research Degree Awarding Powers (RDAP), a number of research students transferred to York St John research degree programmes. Since then all research degree applications are made to York St John research degree programmes. The information below is specific to research students studying for a York St John Research Degree.

The Document Directory contains all documentation relevant to Research Degrees at York St John University, with a specific page for York St John research degree programmes. Please refer to the Document Directory as you read the Quality Gateway.



Studentships, when available, are listed on the main University Research pages, along with contact details for potential supervisors.


Student Application Process

Applicants for research degrees must complete an online application. For further information, applicants should read the online application guide and step-by-step guide for applicants.


Admissions and Interviews

For staff involved in selecting, interviewing and admitting prospective research students, YSJU has Research Student Admissions Policy and Interview Guidance Notes (DOC 0.1MB). This document includes:

  • Entry Requirements for research degrees
  • Interview Guidance
  • An outline of the admissions process for research degrees

The following documents should also be consulted:

 These are available on the document directory.



On, or soon after, the first day of attendance, each student receives a full and comprehensive induction to York St John University. Academic Development provide an Induction Checklist which students work through with the Research Development Manager, Registry staff and their supervisory team.

Research Students are also provided with a file containing the Academic Development Directorate webpages.

Completed and signed Induction Checklists should be retained by both the student and supervisor. A copy should be emailed to Registry (


Personal Training and Development

Research Students should complete the Training and Development Needs Analysis and produce a Training Plan in liaison with their supervisor within one month of their start date. Training and development needs should be discussed with the supervisor and will be reviewed as part of the academic progress monitoring procedure. Details of this process are given in the Research Degree Training page and the Research Calendar.


Progress Monitoring and Transfer Assessment Process

Progress Monitoring

Regular reviews of research students’ academic progress are carried out throughout the candidature and a record of these is retained using the suite of review forms. Information relating to progress monitoring can be found in section 6 of the Code of Practice for Research Degrees (DOCX 0.1MB). The required frequency and related arrangements for review are also set out in this document.

Please find the Progress and Monitoring forms on the Document Directory.

For more information on reviews, read the Head of Research - Role Descriptor (DOCX 39KB) and Code of Practice for Research Degrees (DOCX 0.1MB). All review reports must be signed and copies retained by the student, supervisor and Registry.


For Provisional PhD Students, assessment at the transfer stage is intended to identify whether the individual student and the research project have the potential for research at doctoral level and also whether completion of a thesis within the standard period of study for the programme concerned is a reasonable expectation.

The process includes two stages:

  1. Submission of written work by the student and completion of the Document Directory) by the student and supervisors.
  2. The student attends an oral assessment at which a transfer assessment panel considers the written work, progress report, previous reviews and training plan. After the transfer meeting the Document Directory) is completed.

Full details of the process can be found in the Code of Practice for Research Degrees (DOCX 0.1MB).


Suspensions and extensions

Students who experience circumstances leading to a halting or slowing in progress with their research degree should consult the Suspensions and Extensions FAQs (DOCX 29KB) and complete a Student Suspension Extension Request Form (DOCX 36KB). In the event that a student is unable to complete the form themselves, School staff should consult the School Suspension Extension Request Form (DOCX 24KB).


Research Integrity & Ethics

York St John is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in research carried out by its staff and students. For more information, please consult the Research Ethics and Integrity webpage.


Postgraduate Research Students Engaging in Teaching

Participation in teaching is normally limited to PhD students who have successfully completed the transfer process.

All postgraduate research students engaged in teaching should be appropriately qualified and supported. To ensure this:

  • They must not engage in teaching until they either have a recognised HE teaching qualification (e.g. Fellowship/Associate of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) or YSJU Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP)) OR have attended ‘Academic Induction’, a three day induction event run at YSJU by Academic Development Directorate designed to help new teachers.
  • Schools are responsible for ensuring that postgraduate research students that they employ to teach have appropriate subject expertise AND are provided with an appropriate induction and development opportunities.

More information can be found in the Protocol for postgraduate students engaging in Teaching at York St John University.


Thesis Submission and Examination

Thesis submission and examination information is available in full on the York St John Thesis Submission and Examination pages.



Student expenses are managed by the Academic Development Directorate and students should contact the University Research Administrators for information on account limits and procedures. For more information on expenses, please read the Expenses Policy for postgraduate research students.


Other Useful Information

Other useful information, such as holiday entitlement, complaints, regulations, can be found in the Research Degrees Handbook (DOCX 0.3MB).