General Regulations for Awards

1  Definitions

1.1  Programme specification: the definitive published programme documentation.

1.2  Relevant committee: the committee empowered for the purpose concerned by the Academic Board.

2  General

2.1  The degrees and awards of York St John University are:

Foundation awards

AbbreviationAward title
FCert Foundation Certificate
FCertInt Foundation Certificate - International

Undergraduate awards

Abbreviation Award title
MArt Master in Arts (integrated Masters)
MSci Master in Science (integrated Masters)
BA Bachelor of Arts
BSc Bachelor of Science
BHSc Bachelor of Health Science
LLB Bachelor of Laws
GDip  Graduate Diploma
GCert  Graduate Certificate
FD Foundation Degree
DipHE Diploma of Higher Education
CertHE Certificate of Higher Education
UD University Diploma
UC University Certificate

Taught Postgraduate awards

AbbreviationAward title
MA Master of Arts
MSc Master of Science
MBA Master of Business Administration
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MDes Master of Design
MRes Master of Research
PGDip Postgraduate Diploma
PGCert Postgraduate Certificate
PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education
ProfGCE  Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

Research Degree awards

AbbreviationAward title
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
ProfDoc  Professional Doctorate
DCounsPsy Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MAbyRes MA by Research
MScbyRes MSc by Research

2.2  The Academic Board is responsible for approving and for rescinding any type of award offered by the University.

3  Language of tuition and assessment

3.1  The language of instruction and assessment for all taught programmes of study of York St John University is English except where the subject content dictates that a part of the programme is delivered in a language other than English.

4  Age on entry

4.1  Before commencing studies for a taught award of York St John University, candidates must normally have reached a minimum of 17 years of age.

4.2  A candidate who has reached the age of 17 but not 18 on the first day of the month in which their programme of study commences will not be admitted except with the express permission of the Academic Registrar and with the written authorisation of their parent or guardian.

5  Periods of study

5.1  The standard periods of study for York St John University awards are defined in the Regulations for Undergraduate Awards, the Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Awards, the Regulations for Professional Doctorate Awards and the Regulations for Research Degree Awards. Where specified in a programme specification, the duration of a programme of study may vary from the standard period.

5.2  Where a student is, for good reason, not able to continue as expected, a request may be made for a suspension of enrolment. Permission for a suspension to the period of study may be granted under procedures set out in the Suspension of Studies Policy for Taught Degrees or the Code of Practice for Research Degrees.

5.3  Students must complete all study and assessments within 24 months following the standard period of study set out in the Regulations for Undergraduate Awards, the Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Awards, the Regulations for Professional Doctorates Awards or in the programme specification. Except with the special approval of the Concessions Committee, a subgroup of the Board of Examiners for Progress and Award, this constitutes the maximum period allowed for completion. An extension to the maximum period of study can only be granted for a maximum of three months, where it will allow the student to submit an assessment leading to eligibility for a particular award. It will be granted where the student has provided appropriate evidence of serious extenuating circumstances.

6  Aegrotat award

6.1  Where a student is prevented by illness from completing a taught award, an unclassified Aegrotat may be awarded by the Board of Examiners for Progress and Award on the recommendation of the Chair of the School Assessment Panel and with the support of the External Examiners always provided that:

i.  The student has fulfilled specified enrolment requirements, including the payment of relevant fees.

ii.  There is evidence that the student’s attainment is such as to merit the award.

iii. The award does not lead to accredited professional qualification.

iv. The Board of Examiners for Progress and Award is satisfied that the student will be unlikely to be able to return to complete studies at a later date.

v.  The student has indicated a willingness to accept the award.

7  Posthumous award

7.1  Posthumous awards may be made by the Board of Examiners for Progress and Award on the recommendation of the Chair of the School Assessment Panel and with the support of the external examiners and upon such evidence as the Board requires. Criteria are not specified; each case is considered on its merits. The Board of Examiners for Progress and Award has discretion to make the posthumous award for which the candidate was aiming irrespective of the point reached in the programme of study.

8  Withholding and withdrawing awards

8.1  The University reserves the right to withhold and/or withdraw awards where individual students have not fulfilled all the requirements for award or are subsequently found not to have fulfilled the requirements, including where academic misconduct is proven following the conferral of an award.

9  Variations

9.1  Any change to these regulations needs the explicit approval of the Academic Board.

9.2  Any variation to these regulations for an individual student needs the prior express permission of the relevant committee.

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