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Discursive Social Psychology Research Group

The Discursive Social Psychology Research Group is based in the School of Education, Language and Psychology at York St John University.

The Discursive Social Psychology Research Group comprises academic members of staff and postgraduate students from York St John University and Teesside University, who share an interest in the discursive and rhetorical organisation of social life.

The group has an expertise in using interactional research methods – especially, though not exclusively, discursive psychology – to study a wide range of social psychological topics in and as part of everyday life.

A discursive psychological approach enables one to understand psychological phenomena in a novel light. For example, how attitudes can be rendered empirically tangible by understanding them not only as cognitions, but, also, as ways of talking and debating in our everyday social lives.

Members of the group are researching and publishing on topics such as:

  • Facts, laughter, and argumentation in political discourse
  • Racism
  • Health behaviour
  • Hate speech
  • Political communication
  • Discursive psychological methodology.

Students interested in pursuing a research degree (MRes, MSc or PhD) in the areas of discursive psychology or conversation analysis can get in touch with Mirko Demasi at for informal inquires. Likewise we warmly welcome visitors from other institutions, both to present data and to attend.

The group holds regular data sessions, and welcomes academic visitors who would like to present their data at a Discursive Social Psychology Research Group data session. Please get in touch with Mirko Demasi ( or Shani Burke ( to organise a data session.

Group members


Postgraduate research students

  • Amy Marsh
  • Rachael Thomas
  • Alex Hunt
  • Penny Matthews
  • Jonathan Collins
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