Research Events

At York St John University, we offer a variety of research-related events, conferences, seminars and workshops supported by the central Research Office in partnership with the academic Schools.


Grant Writing Workshop: Writing grant applications for the AHRC and other public funders, Wednesday 3 April 2019

This workshop will cover some of the basics of writing grant applications effectively by looking at the application process from the point of view of reviewers. The session will run through what is expected of an UKRI application, cover strategies for effective communication, and consider how to build a compelling narrative about the value of your research for funders. During the session participants learn about how reviewers are directed to comment on applications, and there will be a chance to read and discuss examples of successful past project applications to the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). While we’ll be working with past examples submitted to the AHRC, this session should also be useful for people considering submitting to other UKRI councils such as the Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC). The workshop will be facilitated by Adam Stock from the English Literature team. Adam has had past research projects funded by both the AHRC and the Leverhulme Trust, and as a member of the AHRC peer review college he regularly assesses applications and participates in AHRC strategy events.


Postgraduate Research Colloquium, Friday 12 April 2019

The School of Education, the School of Languages and Linguistics and the School of Psychological and Social Sciences are holding the third Postgraduate Research Colloquium. The purpose of the colloquium is to share our postgraduate researchers’ research and provide constructive peer feedback in a collegial environment as part of building a vibrant interdisciplinary research culture.


Grant Writing Workshop with Olalekan Adekola, Tuesday 14 May 2019

This session will focus on what it is like to apply as a co-applicant in research grant application, which can be a great way to demonstrate interdisciplinarity and collaborative nature of project which increases the chances of that application being granted. In this workshop, Lekan will draw on his experiences on two successful grant applications to discuss key issues surrounding engaging or working as a co-applicant. One as a Principal Investigator (PI) but with co-applicants and another in which he was a co-applicant.  This workshop will cover and include: the benefits and impact of including or being named as a co-applicant on a grant application; how as PI you can maximise inputs of co-applicants to the application, how as co-applicant you can contribute to success of proposal, how engaging co-applicants can be structured in a way that is tailored to the funder’s criteria.


Writing Retreat facilitated by Dr Clare Cunningham, Tuesday 11 June 2019

A writing retreat provides the time and space for participants to make advances in their research writing. Open to all academic staff and postgraduate researchers but aimed at those with specific academic writing projects in progress for example thesis, book chapters, journal articles, HEA Fellowship applications. The session will include regular breaks and support from Dr Clare Cunningham who is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Languages and Linguistics, a trained writing retreat facilitator.


If you would like any further information, or to book on any of these events, please email


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