Professional Doctorate Ministry (DMin)

This is a well-recognised award among those who minister in Christian churches.

Whatever your particular tradition, this award will enable you to study specific questions related to your mission and ministry and/or that of your church.

You might explore particular beliefs, attitudes or behaviours among clergy or congregations in order to better understand how to make minsters more effective.

Alternatively you could focus more specifically on your own practice and use action research to study the effect of a particular intervention or programme. 

At York St John we have experts in areas such as:

  • Practical Theology (with an emphasis on Empirical Theology and the use of quantitative data);
  • Mission and Ministry;
  • Theological education;
  • Ordinary Theology (with an emphasis on qualitative data);
  • Congregational studies;
  • Psychological aspects of ministry;
  • The Bible and ordinary readers.

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To apply, please click the 'Professional Doctorates' tab on our Application Links webpage, which will connect you to the relevant online application system.

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