Professional Doctorate Religion (DRel)

This is a new award designed specifically for professionals whose context is religious, but who are not necessarily involved in ministry.

Religious leaders from non-Christian backgrounds or people working in para-religious organisations such as faith-based charities or NGOs may prefer an award that recognises the more broadly religious character of their work.

This award allows you to explore a very wide range of religious practice, including religious leadership in particular faith traditions, as well as the place of religion in society more generally.

What makes it a professional doctorate award is the requirement to like research to some sort of practice in these areas.

At York St John we have experts in areas such as:

  • Religion in the Public Sphere;
  • Public Theology;
  • Religion, peace and reconciliation;
  • Religion, politics and international relations;
  • World Christianity (with an emphasis on Asia);
  • Judaism in contemporary contexts;
  • Islam in contemporary practice;
  • Contemporary religious communities.

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To apply, please click the 'Professional Doctorates' tab on our Application Links webpage, which will connect you to the relevant online application system.

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