Professional Doctorate Education (EdD)

This is a well-recognised award which is aimed at a broad spectrum of people working in education or allied professions.

If you work at a school, FE or HE institution, or in an education or training role in a different sector, like health, youth work or law enforcement, this award can help you to research aspects of teaching or management relating to your role in the organisation, or to policy and practice generally.

At York St John we have experts in areas such as:

  • Education Policy;
  • Education and Globalisation;
  • Teacher Formation and Development;
  • Curriculum and Assessment;
  • Education and Politics;
  • Education and Democracy;
  • Vocational Education.

Staff Profiles:

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To apply, please click the 'Professional Doctorates' tab on our Application Links webpage, which will connect you to the relevant online application system.

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