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At York St John University, we offer a variety of research-related events, from conferences and research seminars to research skills development sessions.

Here, you will find the upcoming events from individual Schools, training opportunities, and Cross-School or University-wide research events. Some events are annual (for example, Research Reflections Conference and Postgraduate Research Conference); calls for presentations for these events are also published here. For more information on each event and to book a place please click on the title of the event below, or follow the link to all research events

REF 2021 Briefings

These monthly sessions will present an overview of REF 2021, its requirements, grading system, and other information. They will also deal with how staff can best prepare for it, in general terms (i.e. deciding on the best outputs, aligning outputs and impact case studies, selecting information for impact case studies, etc.).

The sessions will be run by Dr Victoria Carpenter, Head of Research Development (ADD). The sessions will be re-run throughout the year. 

Session 1 – Introduction to REF: requirements, grading, deadlines
5 June 2018, 11.00-12.00pm, QE/106
25 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/147

Session 2 – Publications: requirements, grading, selection
5 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, QE/106
28 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/147

Session 3 – Information for environment: research activities, esteem
10 May 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/147
13 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/147
9 July 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, DG/014

Session 4 – Impact and impact case studies: selection of research, collection of data, closing the loop between reach and significance
21 May 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/137
18 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/137
19 July 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, DG/014

Session 5 – Public engagement to impact
22 May 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, QE/106
22 June 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, HG/147
23 July 2018, 12.00-1.00pm, DG/014

To book, please email Dr Victoria Carpenter (

Calls for Papers

There are currently no calls for papers.

Research Events at York St John

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