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About our school

We are a vibrant partnership of students, teachers, active researchers, committed support staff, schools, educationally-focused organisations and services which together provide support across the broad field of children, young people and families.

York St John University has been transforming communities through education since 1841. Across the full range of courses, from Foundation Year to PhD study, our work is academically underpinned by three key themes: inclusive education, critical policy studies and transforming communities. Our work is research-based and community-focused, with strong emphasis on educational values and social justice.

We are firmly committed to education, learning and development that is fundamentally inclusive, that recognises diversity and which seeks to realise the ambitions of all our learners through high expectations and strong levels of support. Our pledge is to provide a high quality experience, through a student-centred approach, that is both valuable in terms of personal growth and employability, producing skilled, successful and resilient graduates. Above all, through our passion and commitment to learning, teaching and research, we aim to make your educational journey a rich and enjoyable one.

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