Induction information


Induction tasks and handbooks

School Direct Induction Handbook and Tasks (docx, 44.1 kB)

School Direct Student Handbook 2020-21 (docx, 0.1 MB)

School Direct Assessment Handbook 2020-21 (docx, 0.2 MB)

School Direct Primary SE1 Handbook 2020 (docx, 0.9 MB)

University Centred Student Handbook 2020-21 (docx, 0.1 MB)

University Centred Assessment Handbook 2020-21 (docx, 0.2 MB)

Planning and Assessment Guidance 2020-21 (PDF, 1.1 MB) 

Online training

Prevent Prevent Strategy

Female Genital Mutilation FGM


Workshops and presentations

School Direct Critical Reading Presentation (pptx 27.2 MB)

University Centred Critical Reading Presentation (pptx, 27.2 MB)

Workshop - How to thrive on your PGCE(pptx, 9.9 MB) 


Academic Year Calendars

2020-21 University Centred Full-time (docx 22.4 kB)

2020-21 University Centred Part-time (docx 28.4 kB)

2020-21 MSTA, St George and Campus Stockton (docx, 23.1 kB)

2020-21 Ebor Hope, Esk and Polaris (docx, 22.8 kB)

2020-21 Parkinson Lane (docx, 22.8 kB)



Training Bursary Information

There are scholarships (limited) and bursaries available for the School direct course and bursaries for the PGCE course, to find out whether you are eligible for a scholarship/bursary please visit our Funding opportunities web pages. To receive a scholarship/bursary you will need to complete a bank details form and provide a copy of your 20-21 Notification of Entitlement from Student Finance to confirm you are an 'eligible' student for the provision of UK student support. Prior to enrolment both of these documents need sending to the Finance Office and they will inform you on an individual basis via email the week commencing 21 September 2020.

Download PGCE-School Direct Bank Details Form 20-21 (DOCx, 19.8 kB)

Please email your completed form to 

If you are not wanting to take out any funding via Student Finance but believe you are eligible for a scholarship/bursary, you will still need to apply to Student Finance via a paper copy form so that they can assess your eligibility for student support. If you require a paper copy form please contact the Student Funding Advice Team and they will be able to email the link to you.

Student Funding Advice Team contact details: 
01904 876939


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