What our students say

Students from the Primary PGCE (University Centred) and Primary PGCE (School Direct) share their thoughts on studying at York St John. Our partner schools explain more about their work with us. 

Primary PGCE (University centred)

"Being an Alumni of York St John, I was already aware of the support from the Education department. The lecturers are friendly and genuinely want to help you and the course gives you the best preparation to start your teaching career." Hannah Miller, 2020.

"Being a new student to York St John, I have found that the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and welcoming. The course has helped me to prepare for my teaching career by offering unique opportunities and experiences." Rachel Green, 2020.

"After having my choice of offers from three great universities, I chose York St John because: I love York as a city, the university's city centre location, and the opportunities the university offers to study abroad. Having now studied at York St John, I am exceedingly thankful I chose the university because not only have I made amazing friends for life, but the staff could not be more encouraging and supportive along every step of the way." Tylar Siddle, 2020.

"I chose YSJ because of their reputation in the teaching community. YSJ is renowned for delivering high quality training that prepares trainees for a career in the classroom." Alastair Geddes, 2019.

"I chose the YSJ PGCE because this university is like being part of a family. You receive a lot of personal support from different tutors and lecturers, whilst having excellent teaching in the various subject areas of the curriculum. You aren’t on your own throughout placement as well, receiving helpful weekly emails and the option to book tutorials. I was fully prepared by the end of the PGCE to go into full time teaching in my NQT year." Alice Whiles, 2019.

"I chose York St John's for my PGCE as it was recommended by a Headteacher when I visited their school. It is considered to have a good reputation in the area. I enjoyed my BA and wanted to continue my educational journey there." Rachel Lloyd-Murphy, 2019.

"I loved every minute of my PGCE at York St John the tutors are super supportive and will help you through anything. I also liked that whilst doing the Part-Time PGCE, I could still work and also have more time to prepare for placements and assignments. I could not recommend YSJ more!" Jenny Palmer, 2017.

"Being a new student to York St John, I have loved all the opportunities the PGCE course has to offer. With a rich number of placements, an excellent supporting staff and plenty of support outside the lecture room, York St John is the perfect place to come for anyone with an ambition to teach." Joseph Brewer, 2020.

"Deciding to complete my PGCE at York St John was easy! I found a course that provided me with the foundations to be a successful and creative teacher. But I also found passionate and caring lecturers, like-minded students and a sense of belonging! I joined a family at YSJ and you should too!" Megan Allatt, 2019.

"I chose York St John because it's the university I felt at home at throughout my time here. The support given was always thorough and helpful. I'm currently teaching Reception over in New Zealand and using everything the tutors taught us every day and it's made me so much more confident in my job and with the kids then I ever would have been." Saskia Rayner, 2019.

Primary PGCE (School Direct)

"I would recommend York St John to other applicants because of their unique assessment methods. Unlike most other training providers, York St John have rolled out a brand-new online portal where all school placement progress and achievements are recorded and tracked, meaning all your reports, lesson appraisals and weekly meetings are in one central location. This is a much more efficient and practical way of keeping up to date with where you are. Careful consideration is also made to workload, where university assignment deadlines fall after the school holidays. This has really helped me manage my workload between university and school placements, allowing me to optimise my learning in both settings." - Lucy Anderson, 2020 (St George's)

"I feel I have grown in confidence as the course has progressed, and the course design has supported this as the teaching percentages gradually increased. I have also really enjoyed the academic side of the course and have felt this complemented my teaching. Completing a reflective essay helped my own practice and made learning theories extremely relevant." - Jessica Rose, 2020 (Campus Stockton)

"YSJ's reputation as a training provider is well known and I have not been disappointed. I have found the program to be supportive and I have enjoyed the subject knowledge days such as the Football Association training day." - Daniel Rice, 2020 (Campus Stockton)

School partners

"Our students feel well-supported and well-equipped to launch a successful teaching career due to the collaborative nature of the programme and the experiences that we are able to supply, by working together as providers of a high-quality teaching training course." - Esk Valley Alliance

"Our students get the best of both worlds... excellent in school support from teachers and leaders, combined with great University support from staff who are trained and experienced as teachers/school leaders themselves. Our students are trained to be reflective practitioners, able to apply relevant theoretical learning to practical classroom practice in order to have maximum impact on all learners." - Chris Aitkin, Director of Campus Stockton Teaching Alliance

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