Mentoring and mentor development

Our mentors are key members of staff within the PGCE Secondary Partnership.

 Training and development opportunities provided for mentors include the following:

  • Mentor Leadership Programme
  • Mentor training and development sessions which take place at a variety of locations across our partnership during the year
  • Mentor training provided by Professional Mentors in schools
  • Link tutor visits - quality assurance visits which provide opportunities for discussion on mentoring issues

In addition to these our website is being developed to provide information and useful guides. These will be updated and added to regularly so keep coming back to see what's new.

Effective feedback to student teachers

Programme Handbooks

Key Priorities for the Secondary Partnership

To increase:

  • Final Grade 1 (Outstanding) outcomes across both University centred and School Direct routes with 100% student teachers achieving Grade1/2;
  • Student teacher confidence and competence for TS5– Differentiation including pupils with special educational needs/disabilities and the more able;
  • Student teacher confidence and competence for TS6 – Using Assessment to promote pupil progress;
  • Student teacher confidence and competence for TS3 – Subject Knowledge;
  • Completion across Secondary routes to at least the national average;
  • Student teacher confidence and competence in teaching pupils with English as an Additional Language and pupils from all ethnic backgrounds.
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