Our Partners and Team

Partnership is at the heart of the PGCE Secondary programme. The PGCE Secondary Partnership work together on all aspects of the programme from recruitment to programme development to teaching, learning and assessment.

We currently work with six Teaching School Alliances to deliver a range of PGCE Secondary subjects as part of our school-centred (School Direct) provision.  Many of the schools within these alliances also support our university-centred PGCE RE programme.

Details of the subjects we offer with each Teaching School Alliance can be found in the section PGCE Subjects offered.


EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance

Visit www.eborhope-tsa.org


White Rose Alliance

Visit whiterosealliance.org.uk


Macmillan Academy (Macmillan Teaching School)

Visit http://www.macmillanteachingschool.org.uk/itt/schooldirect.php


Campus Stockton Teaching Alliance

Visit www.stocktonteachingalliance.org.uk


All Saints Roman Catholic School

Visit https://www.allsaints.york.sch.uk/about-us/diocese-of-middlesbrough-teaching-school-alliance


The PGCE Secondary Team

Keither Parker

Director : PGCE ITE

Professional Studies Module Director

E: k.parker@yorksj.ac.uk


Emma Thraves-Ferguson (nee McVittie)

Secondary Programme Lead

RE Cohort Lead

Subject Studies Module Director

E: e.thraves-ferguson@yorksj.ac.uk 


Subject tutors

Jane Collins


E: j.collins@yorksj.ac.uk

Kate Rome


E: c.rome@yorksj.ac.uk 

Katy Bloom


E: k.bloom@yorksj.ac.uk

Alison Organ

Modern Foreign Languages

E: a.organ@yorksj.ac.uk

Keither Parker


E: k.parker@yorksj.ac.uk

Gary Craggs


E: g.craggs@yorksj.ac.uk

Emma Thraves-Ferguson

Religious Education and Drama

E: e.thraves-ferguson@yorksj.ac.uk 

Helen Banks


E: h.banks@yorksj.ac.uk

Doug Elliot


E: d.elliott1@yorksj.ac.uk

Beth Pelleymounter



Ruth Matthewson

Physical Education

E: r.matthewson@yorksj.ac.uk


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