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Caroline Elbra-Ramsay

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Caroline Elbra Ramsay





Title: 'An analysis of the development of student teachers’ understanding of feedback.'

Within any Initial Teacher Education programme, the students’ engagement with, and understanding of, feedback is significant, not only to their own progress as a learner, but also to their emerging identity as a new teacher who will be responsible for giving feedback to the children in their care.  Student teachers are in a an unique position experiencing feedback as both a learner and a teacher.  This study is therefore interested in the duality of feedback for student teachers.   Broadly speaking, a phenomenological case study has been used to explore three research questions situated within a constructivist epistemology:

  • What are student teachers’ conceptions of feedback as learners?
  • What are student teachers’ conceptions of feedback as practising primary school teachers?
  • What are the relationships between the developing understanding of feedback as a student and a student teacher?.

Supervisors: Dr Margaret Wood, Professor Matthew Clarke and Ian Sadler 




Backhouse, A and Elbra-Ramsay, C ‘So, you want us to do the marking?!’ – peer review and feedback to promote assessment as learning’ Journal of Pedagogic Development (2015)

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‘Developing Boys' Literacy at Key Stage One’ English 4-11 (2000)

‘Designing and Producing Non-Fiction Big Books for Key Stage One’ English 4-11 (1999)





Finding time to talk: the benefits of dialogic interviews in developing pedagogical understanding and resilience within ITE students (TEAN 2018)

Moving beyond the ‘Initial’ in Initial Teacher Education: The role of ITE in supporting and developing new teachers (TEAN 2018) Joint presentation with Louise Whitfield 

Flexing verbal formative feedback to achieve different outcomes: lessons from school (York St John Teaching and Learning Conference 2018) Joint presentation with Katy Bloom

Student teachers’ conceptions of feedback TEAN (2016)

One Size Fits All? Applying a Partnership Model to Different Areas of Subject Knowledge UKLA (2016)

Using twitter to develop understanding of children's literature YSJ Higher York E Learning Conference (2014)

Using social media to enhance understanding of children's literature UKLA – Sussex (2014)

Using a visualiser to support peer assessment and feedback in academic writing BERA (2013)


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Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

National Association for the Teaching of English

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy







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