Heather Elliot

Qualifications: B.A (Hons) History (University of Swansea), PGCE (primary) (University of Sussex), M.A in Education Studies (Leeds University) PGCHE (University of Hull)

I began my teaching career in E.Sussex before moving to N.Yorkshire. I have taught across the primary range, but have had most experience in teaching mixed age, vertically grouped classes consisting of Reception, Y1 and Y2. This led to an interest in Early Years at the time when the National Curriculum was first introduced and an appropriate pedagogy for young children became a focus for discussion. As a result of that, research for my Masters focused on the importance of the outdoor environment and how it affects the physical development of children aged 4, 5 and 6 years.

On completion of a Masters degree in Education Studies I worked with SureStart in York and gained experience of working with very young children and their families, appreciating at first hand some of the difficulties involved (for children and parents) concerning the transition from home to a school or setting.

In my next role, as lecturer in Early Years Education at the University of Hull (Scarborough), I taught on Foundation degree programmes, the BA in Educational Studies, the EYPS programme and primary teaching whilst retaining a research interest in Play and the outdoor environment. I have visited Reggio Emilia and Forest Schools in Denmark and am interested in developing these alternative approaches to Early Years education in this country.

Further Information


I teach across the BA (Hons) Primary Education, PGCE and MA Practitioner Research: Improving Professional Practice programmes.


The importance/ benefits of outdoor play for young children (Foundation Stage), Forest Schools, practitioners understanding of play.


Elliott, H. (2014). Forest School in an inner city? Making the impossible possible. Education 3-13, (ahead-of-print), 1-9.

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