Helen Glasspoole-Bird

Helen Glasspoole

Having completed a BSc in Psychology at Liverpool University and a PGCE at Homerton College, Cambridge, I worked as a teacher in primary schools in London, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. Throughout this time I developed an interest in how children learn mathematics and worked with publishers to develop curriculum materials for teachers.

Further Information


I teach on the BA (Hons) Education Studies and the Foundation Degree in Supporting Learning programmes.

Modules include:

  • Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Behaviour Management
  • Creating an Environment for Learning
  • Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Learning as a Student
  • Education and Values
  • Education and Creativity
  • Knowledge and the Curriculum
  • Final year Special Study


MA Education, Oxford Brookes University, 2005

Focus of dissertation: To what extent does reflecting on practice during school placement contribute to student teachers’ adoption of ‘extended professionality?’

Currently undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Education, UCL, London (part-time)

Focus on the nature of training for the public sector professions of teaching, nursing and policing: a psychosocial perspective of trainees’ developing sense of self.

Research interests

  • Development of self and identity of trainee teachers
  • Reflexivity in teacher education – challenging existing models of teacher education
  • Curriculum design and development (UK and abroad)
  • Values and qualities of leaders
  • ‘Risk taking’ in learning and teaching


Published materials 1999 - ongoing Mathematics and Science curriculum materials

2009 A&C Black: Data Handling Years 4, 5 and 6 for new Mathematics Scheme

2008 BBC Pearson: Teachers notes for Key Stage 1 Finding Out About Science

2007 BBC Pearson: Digital Resources for teaching Key Stage 2 Science

2007 Macmillan Publishing: Mathematics Curriculum Materials for Uganda's new curriculum

2003 BBC Worldwide Ltd: Maths and Geography Teacher Activity Book Year 1

2003 BBC Educational Publishing: Maths Challenge Mental Maths Year 6

2003 BBC Educational Publishing: Numbertime Mental Maths Year 1

2002 BBC Educational Publishing: Numbertime Mental Maths Year 2

2000 NES Arnold and Longman Pearson Education: Teacher Book Time Numeracy Big Board

1999 NES Arnold and Longman Pearson Education: Teacher Book 4 Numeracy Big Board

Professional Activity

Voluntary work during a career break in Uganda 2006-2007

Oasis Uganda, local branch of charity: I ran mathematics education courses for trained teachers working in local projects with children on catch-up numeracy programmes.

Oasis International, based in Kampala:

I contributed to the development of a resource to help children build solid mathematical foundations through the introduction of clear teaching methods and new resources. Contributed to resources including a teacher education programme Equipped to Teach and Step by Step, a tool to measure holistic development and progress of children.

Ambrosoli International School, Kampala:

I ran a series of mathematics training sessions for staff to develop teacher subject knowledge, shape progression of mathematical understanding through the school, introduce new resources, identify opportunities for using and applying mathematics and explore ways to promote meaningful talk in mathematics.

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