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I completed my undergraduate Psychology BSc studies here at York St John University. I then completed my Masters (MRes) and PhD studies at Derby University before commencing in my role in the School of Education back here at York St John University. Prior to my academic studies I worked for ten years as both a developer and team leader in the private sector on contracts for the Inland Revenue.

Further Information


I have cross-discipline teaching experience in both Psychology and Education at undergraduate level and have experience in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Areas of teaching experience include topics such as: Key changes in Modern Schooling, psychology of child development, cognitive psychology, cyberpsychology, reflective practice, risk, modernity, critical writing, social policy, and research and study skills.


My research interests are centred around risk. I am keen to be involved in research that promotes responsible gambling and the development of technologies that can create safer gaming environments. More broadly my interests surround the use of personalised technologies and how they can be used in educational settings to improve teaching and learning, and how new technologies can be used pro-actively in the health and educational sectors.


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McGivern, P. & Noret, N (July 2010). The Prevalence and Nature of Negative Experiences Online. Cyberpsychology and Computer Psychology Conference, University of Bolton, UK.

Professional Activities

I collaborated on the City of York Stand Up for Us project for two consecutive years, which was focused on improving wellbeing across primary and secondary schools in North Yorkshire. I also occupied the Quality Assurance role on the Real Writing Project in association with North Star Alliance, Polaris Teaching Alliance, and the Department for Education (2018-19). More recently I have completed a small-scale research project as part of a team at YSJ in association with Mind to learn about barriers to accessing Mental Health Services in the local area. I currently sit on the Athena SWAN panel, and also work collaboratively on the TEF team within the School.

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