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Professor Dean Garrett

After qualifying as a secondary teacher in 1993 I completed a PhD in the field of education before working in a variety of roles in HE for the last twenty years. This included an eleven year period at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), three years at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and six and a half years at the University of Chester. In this time I worked extensively on undergraduate education studies programmes both at MMU and LJMU and also developed and led several postgraduate programmes including an Economic and Social Research Council-approved Master of Research: Education and Society course at MMU, Master of Research at LJMU, MSc Research Methods and Masters in Teaching and Learning at the University of Chester. My experience as a qualitative researcher and work with postgraduate students (both taught and research-focused) together provided the opportunity for me to undertake a secondment as Director of the Graduate School and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Chester before moving to York St John.

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At my previous institution I was heavily involved in the development and growth of the EdD programme from its inception in 2010 until my recent departure. I served as module leader for the following level-eight course modules: ‘Research Methodologies for Professional Enquiry’ and ‘Thesis in Context’. At pan-University level, I was module lead for: ‘Developing in Research Supervision’ located within the University’s ‘Learning and Teaching in Higher Education’ Master’s programme. As former Director of the Graduate School I was also responsible for leading staff development workshops to enhance the skills of new PGR supervisors.


My research interests are broad and eclectic and, hovering somewhere between the educational and social, span a diverse range of sociological themes, philosophical perspectives and methodologies with a commitment to social justice. These have included the sociological critique of citizenship education - (relating to notions of democracy, monarchy, identity, cosmopolitan and global conceptions of citizenship theory, sport and ‘race’ and ethnicity) and critical analysis of education policy-making. I am further especially interested in the sociology and politics of sport and sports coaching. Such diversity is coupled with a long-standing interest in qualitative research methodologies and their underpinning philosophies, especially those of phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics, post-structuralism and, more recently, Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, along with ‘queer’ and transgendered perspectives.

Selected publications and conferences

Selected publications – last five years only


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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Piper, H., Taylor, W. and Garratt, D. (2014) Hands-off PE Teaching and Sports Coaching in the UK. In: H. Piper (ed.) Touch in Sports Coaching and Physical Education: Fear, Risk and Moral Panic, London, Routledge.

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