Sue Shippen

Sue Shippen

I am the Subject Director for Education and Professional Studies, Foundation Degrees in Development and Education of Children and Young people and a suite of MA Education programmes.

I joined York St John University in September 2014 as a visiting lecturer and continued my work in the field of Early Childhood Education, Care, and Safeguarding. 

Prior to joining York St John University on a more permanent basis in August 2016, I worked full-time in Integrated Services in North Yorkshire. I have developed community based services and project managed Children’s Centres including developing sustainable buildings and recruiting staff from a range of professional backgrounds. The role involved working at a strategic and operational level developing universal and targeted services with partner agencies to support vulnerable children and their families. I facilitated multi-agency team work with health, education, social care and private and the voluntary sector agencies and had responsibility for leading ‘Common Assessments’ for children and young people. During my time as a Children's centre services manager I completed the NPQICL leadership qualification. And more recently I have taken on the responsibility of managing a small team of family workers working in the early intervention, prevention, and children in need domains.

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I am a Lecturer working in the School of Education and currently teach on the Foundation Degree; Working with Children and Young People, which has cohorts both on and off site. I have an academic tutor role for two student cohorts and teach across all of the current Foundation Degree groups. 



I am currently working towards my Professional Doctorate Education and am researching the relationships between children, parents and prevention practitioners.

My particular research interests include:

  • Working with parents and carers and children to develop children’s agency
  • Developing experienced practitioners to support the most vulnerable children
  • Early intervention, prevention and family support
  • Understanding the relationship and power differential in therapeutic and learning relationships.

Qualifications and Previous Research projects include
Childhood Studies Fd degree
Educational studies BA Hons
MA working with children and young people.

Research topics include
Child observation
Child voice and Policy
Formative and Summative assessment
Mentoring and Coaching
Childs voice and it’s use in family action plans

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