Domestic Violence Research Group

Staff engaged in this group include:

Dr Lynne Gabriel
Dr Zahra Tizro
Dr Jane Cronin-Davis

The team have all worked within the field of domestic violence across many years. Lynne, as a trained psychotherapist and mental health nurse, has worked with both victims and perpetrators of domestic and relationship aggression and violence. Jane is a forensic occupational therapist, who has worked with familial and domestic violence cases through her work in high-security secure psychiatric units in the UK. Zahra is a psychologist and has researched sexual and familial violence within an Iranian cultures.

The research team recently completed a qualitative research project for the York-based third sector organisation, Independent Domestic Violence and Abuse (IDAS), which explored young-person-to-parent aggression and violence. The project also involved colleagues from Foundation UK, Soldier On and statutory services. The team are in the final stages of data analyses and will be publishing paper on both the outcomes from the project and the research design and methodology itself.

A recent successful funding bid will enable the team to partner with IDAS to research ‘bystander children’. These are children who are caught up in familial aggression and violence scenarios. This initial pilot project will explore and evaluate a creative toolkit intervention, aimed at six to eleven year olds and administered within an educational setting.

Lynne is involved in the York St John Counselling and Mental Health Research Clinic, which will offer psychological therapy service to adult victims of domestic. Over time, therapeutic services for children will be developed.

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