2014 Health and Wellbeing Staff Publications

Journal articles - chronological order

Anderson, A., Alexanders, J., Hayes, S., Fogaty, M., Sinani, C. (2014). Effects of ventilator versus manual hyperinflation in adults receiving mechanical ventilation: a systematic review of randomised clinical trials. Physiotherapy

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Wilson, J., Gabriel, L. & James, H. ‘Observing a Client’s Grieving Process: Bringing logical positivism into qualitative grief counselling’ (2014) British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Volume 42, Number 5, pp. 568-583

Mesa, S. & Tsakanikos. (2014) ‘Attitudes and self-efficacy towards adults with mild intellectual disability among staff in acute psychiatric wards: An empirical investigation’ Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability. 8 (2), 70-90.

Book Chapters

Cotterill D. (2014) Chapter 10 Ethics in Creek’s Occupational Therapy in Mental Health 5th edition

Spring, H. (2014) Health 2.0 and information literacy in rare diseases. In: R. Bali., Bos, L., Gibbons, M., Ibell, S. (eds). Orphan diseases in the age of health 2.0. London: Springer

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