2016 Health and Wellbeing Staff Publications

Journal articles

Ma, L., Qin, T., Chu, D., Cheng, X., Wang, J., Wang, X., Wang, P., Han, H., Ren, L., Aitken, R., HammarstromL., Li, N., Zhao, Y. (In Press) Internal-duplications of DH, JH and constant region genes create an unusual IgH gene locus in cattle. Journal of Immunology.

Laver Fawcett, A., and Brain, L., and Brodie, C., and Cardy, L., and Manaton, L., (2016) The Face Validity and Clinical Utility of the Activity Card Sort – United Kingdom (ACS-UK). British Journal of Occupational Therapy. (In Press)

Waite, O. and Smith, A. and Madge, L. and Spring, H. and Noret, N. (2016) Sudden cardiac death in marathons: a systematic review. The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 41 (1). pp. 79-84.

Book chapters

Hamilton, L.G., (2016) Dyslexia. In: Hopkins, B and Geangu, E and Linkenauger, S, (eds.) The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development (In Press)


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