Professor Chris Mayers


Key research interests

  1. Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaires and Person Centred Practice
  2. Spirituality
  3. ECOTROS (European Cooperation in OT research and Occupational Science)
  4. PhD and MSc external examining

1. Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaires (see links below to access packs)

The Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire (1) was developed to enable people with problems related to physical disability to state their quality of life priorities at the beginning of occupational therapy intervention. The Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire (1) is recommended by the Department of Health for use within the Single Assessment Process.

The Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire (2) has been developed for use by people with enduring mental health problems.

The Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire (3) has recently been developed for use by older people.

Evaluations of the use of all instruments have clearly shown that they demonstrate a person-centred approach.

Each pack contains guidelines for use and a 'contact' letter which can be used to explain the occupational therapy role. The guidelines also state how the Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire can be used as an outcome measure.

The Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaires (1) and (2) have been translated into Norwegian, French, German and Bulgarian (see links below for relevant packs). Their use has been evaluated by students from the University College, Oslo and Idstein University, Germany.

Please click the links below to access the 'packs', containing the relevant Mayers' Lifestyle Questionnaire, guidelines for use and contact letters. Please record this access by emailing the 'Registration Centre', E: stating:

  • your name
  • area of work and place of work


Mayers CA (2003) Philosophy of Occupational Therapy and its Relevance to Client-Centred Practice in the 21st century. Ergoterapeuten, 46 (9), 20-25

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An evaluation of the use of the Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaire (2) with people with traumatic brain injury: Flanagan, D (2011) ‘Using the Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaire to inform service development’ OTNews, July 2011 p.38-39

Related Presentations (last 7 years)

October 2008 'The importance of a person-centred approach within Occupational Therapy practice’ Invited speaker at Northern & Yorkshire BAOT regional student conference: York St John University

November 2008 ‘The Development of the Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaire (3)’ Invited speaker at the College of Occupational Therapists’ study day on older people: Glasgow Caledonian University

February 2014 Workshop on Spirituality and use of the Mayers’ Lifestyle Questionnaires: The Retreat Hospital, York

2. Spirituality

Chris welcomes the opportunity to facilitate 1-day CPD workshops related to defining spirituality and assessing spiritual need within health care practice.

Johnson & Mayers, 2005 and also Cornah, 2006 undertook in-depth literature reviews in order to define the concept and the following aspects emerged from both reviews:

  • a search for meaning & purpose to life
  • a search for activities that give meaning and value to an individual’s life
  • a quest for ‘wholeness’, integration of mind, body and spirit
  • a belief in God or some form of higher power
  • a sense of ‘connectedness’ to God, self, others, nature

and that these personal beliefs or faith ‘shape’ ….

  • a person’s perspective of the world & how she/he lives life

References (last 7 years)

Mayers C and Johnston D (2008) Spirituality – the emergence of a working definition for use within healthcare practice. Implicit Religion, 11 (3), 265-275

Bursell J and Mayers CA (2010) Spirituality within Dementia Care: Perceptions of Health Professionals. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 73 (4), 144-151

Presentations (last 7 years)

May 2008 ‘Defining ‘spirituality’ and meeting spiritual need’: 8th European Occupational Therapy Congress: Hamburg

November 2008 ‘Defining and assessing spiritual need within healthcare practice’: one day workshop Faculty of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Care: University of Cumbria

April 2009 'Valuing the spirituality of individuals within our practice’: Keynote speaker at the Association of Occupational Therapists in Ireland Conference, Kilkenny

September 2010 ‘Spirituality within healthcare practice’ (keynote speaker) NW Occupational Therapy regional group, Salford University

October 2010 ‘The Spiritual domain of Occupation’ (keynote speaker) ENOTHE Conference, Stockholm

June, 2011 ‘The spiritual significance of walking as a chosen occupation – older people’ College of Occupational Therapists’ Annual Conference, Brighton

July 2011 'Meeting spiritual needs within occupational therapy practice’ Conference on ‘Spirituality: Sharing Good Practice’, Durham University

December 2012 ‘Exploring the relationship between spirituality, religion and health’ Durham University

January 2013 workshops on ‘The relationship of spirituality to occupation’ at Sheffield Hallam University

August 2013 Keynote speaker: ‘Assessing spiritual needs within healthcare practice’: Conference on Spirituality and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia


Chris is the UK representative for the European Cooperation in OT research and Occupational Science (ECOTROS). This is an international group initiated by the EU funded European Network of Occupational Therapists in Higher Education. Please click here for information about ECOTROS and membership.

A European Community funded Intensive Programme (IP) was hosted by York St John University in February 2008. This was an ECOTROS initiated IP with partners from Gothenburg, Prague and Amsterdam entitled ‘Dissemination of Research Findings to Users – practitioners, clients, patients, carers’.

This Intensive Programme was facilitated again at York St John University in January/February 2009, with partners from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Coventry, Gothenburg and Heerlen.


Mayers CA, Lundgren Nilsson A, Stamm T, van Nes F, Voigt-Radloff S (2008) Survey of occupational therapy / occupational science research being undertaken with the European Community. British Journal of Occupational Therapy,71(1), 17-22

Presentations (last 7 years)

January 2008 ‘Experiences of staff and student collaboration within International Research, Teaching & Learning’ Internationalising the Student Experience Conference, York St John University

May 2008 ‘Exploring a potential European research agenda’ (workshop – co leader) 8th European Occupational Congress: Hamburg

September 2008 ‘Research in occupational therapy and occupational science in Europe’ and also facilitator of two workshops ‘Towards more synergy and long-term strategies in European research’: ENOTHE Conference, Alice Salomon Fachhochschule, Berlin

March 2009 'Facilitating an ERASMUS funded Intensive Programme': Internationalisation Conference, York St John University

October 2009 'Enhancing ‘Knowledge Translation’ by user-friendly summaries of critically appraised research articles: the development, co-operation and future’ (workshop – co leader) ENOTHE conference, A Coruna, Spain

October 2010 Co-facilitator of two workshops: ‘Organising and hosting an Intensive Programme’ ENOTHE Conference, Stockholm

November 2012 ‘Sharing Research Activity and developing Ideas for Future Collaboration’ – co facilitator of two workshops ENOTHE Conference, Lithuania

4. PhD and MSc external examining

Chris is an experienced PhD and MSc supervisor and external examiner.