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Welcome to the School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy at York St John University.

Whichever you choose, the subjects we offer are exciting and significant in today’s complex and diverse world. The School of Humanities, Religion and Philosophy is here to enable you to reflect on the past, evaluate the present, and imagine the future.

Whether you are exploring a new idea, engaging with a text or film, conducting fieldwork, or debating an issue, you are an active practitioner of your subject from the moment you start your programme. In the process you will become an adept reader, critic, writer and researcher, you will also become highly skilled in critical thinking, problem solving, constructing and developing an argument, time-management, public speaking, and project management. All programmes have work-related learning modules, which may include placements, contact with local and national employers, or running conferences and projects. These are the skills and experiences that allow our graduates to succeed in a huge range of careers.

Our thoughts and our words matter – literature, writing, geography, media, history, politics, and religion give shape and bring richness to our lives. All of our academic staff are renowned experts in their fields, and know how to make their subjects exciting and accessible. We have the privilege of escorting you into new ways of thinking, enabling you to see the world differently, and to see your place in it more clearly. You engage the defining issues of our day. You explore the lived realities and complex cultures that have shaped the way people make meaning in their lives. You discover more about what it is to be a human being. That is quite an adventure – we hope you will join us on it.

Dr Richard Bourne
Head of School of Humanities, Religion and Philosophy
York St John University
Lord Mayor's Walk
York, YO31 7EX
T: +44 (0)1904 876566

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School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy (HRP)
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