Research Projects - Pauline Kollontai

Minority Rights in Israel

I have made a number of visits to the Southern part of Israel, known as the Negev, during the past four years where I have visited and met with Israeli Bedouin from recognised and unrecognised villages and government towns. I am currently involved in researching minority rights in Israel, which identifies itself as both a Jewish and democratic State. The main aim of the research is to examine the status of the biblical prophetic values of peace and justice which are explicitly referred to in Israel's Founding Declaration (1948) and the commitment given to actualise these principles for all Israeli citizens, irrespective of religion or race. The current research, some of which will be published shortly, examines the rights of Israeli Bedouin in the Negev. The research will be presented as a series of publications between 2018-2020.

Religious and Secular Law in Israel: The Clash of Religious and Political Values

This is a recent piece of research which has partially arisen from involvement with co-planning and organising a forthcoming International Symposium on Dignity, Morality and Rights: An Integration of Christian Theology, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Chinese-Western Cross-cultural Dialogue, in December 2017 at the Chinese University in Hong Kong.  This symposium is the second one of its kind, the previous one held at Tonghi University, Shanghai in Autumn 2015. It is intended to establish this as a bi-annual symposium involving a small number of individuals from academic research centres in Europe, Asia, and Oceania concerned with public theology and religion in society. 

The Chinese speakers from philosophical, religious, political, legal, and sociological perspectives and Western public theologians and religious studies scholars, with backgrounds in both theology and other disciplines of humanities and social sciences, will present papers focusing on various Chinese and Western theories, approaches, and issues to critically dialogue with and reflect on the conceptual and practical issues regarding human rights both in China and other global contexts. I will be presenting and dialoguing with a Chinese legal scholar. The aim is to publish an edited book of the symposium papers and develop further research collaboration through funding applications and other publications.

Joint Interdisciplinary Symposium Series with Trinity College Dublin

I am working with Dr Michael Tilley to initiate, organise and participate in a symposium series during 2018 involving colleagues from across our own School of Humanities, Religion and Philosophy and colleagues from the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Trinity College, Dublin.  The central theme of the two symposiums is: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the theory and practice of contemporary peacebuilding, conflict management and reconciliation.  The outcome will include (a) an edited book; (b) further research collaboration; (c) development of staff and post-graduate student exchanges between the two institutions.

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