Lorraine Paylor

Postgraduate Researcher - English Literature

Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

I previously studied at York St John University and have very happy memories of my time as an undergraduate. Therefore, it seemed natural to return to York St John as a post graduate. I currently teach as a part time lecturer in higher education.              

Further Information


My research draws upon the emerging field of History of Friendship, an offshoot of the History of Emotions. The project focuses on Victorian writer, reviewer, essayist and prolific letter writer, Geraldine Jewsbury (1812-1880). This study intends to add to existing scholarship by examining Jewsbury’s lesser known domestic and transnational friendships. Jewsbury was closely connected to key figures of the age: Dickens, the Carlyles, and Guiseppe Mazzini, to name but a few. It will look at the emotions that fostered those relationships, their influences on her writing and her ‘self’, in order to gain a complete picture of her cultural and literary significance, especially her insistent individuality that flouted the dictates of contemporary society.


Attended: After Dickens 04/12/2016, A date with History: Did you say Europe? 09/06/2017.

Publications/Research Outputs

Academic Poster


Part-time lecturer for the last six years.

Professional activities or membership

Member of British Association of Victorian Studies (B.A.V.S) and Queen Mary Centre for History of Emotions, ‘group of friends’.

PGR student rep on research committee at York St John University

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