Tom Jackson

Postgraduate Researcher

School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy


T: 01904 876972

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I am a second year Postgraduate Researcher at York St John University, in the School of Humanities, Relgion and Philosophy. I completed my Undergradaute degree in English Literature at York St John (2014) and my Masters in Contemporary Literature at York St John university (2015). I began my part-time PhD in June 2017, researching contemporary depictions of African American masculine identities. 


Further Information


Thesis Title: 'Corporeal Historiographies -  decoding depcitions of African American Masculinities in contemporary Literature and Film.'

My thesis interrogates the depiction of modern African American masculinity in the works of Colson Whitehead, Percival Everett, MK Asante, Paul Beatty and Jordan Peele, looking specifically at the relationship between masculine identities, the modern and the historical, cultural stereotyping, embodiment and African American orality. 

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Lawson Welsh and Dr Anne-Marie Evans 

Research Interests: I have a broad research interest in the depiction of gendered identities in American fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry and film. Alongside this, I have a research interest in Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, modern British, American and Post Colonial literature, with a focus on cartographies, gendered spaces, dystopia / utopia and speculative futures.



Professional Activities

Jackson, T ' Memory and Masculinity - Jordan Peele's Get Out (2017) Humanities, Religion and Philosophy Research Conference, York St John University, June 2018.

Jackson, T 'On Octavia Butler's Kindred' Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival Launch Event, York St John University, September 2017. 

Jackson, T. 'Defining a Generation - Colson Whitehead's Sag Harbor (2009)' Postgraduate Research Symposium, York St John University, June 2015.  

Jackson, T '1920's Decadent Fiction and a Thematic Parity in the Fiction of the 1980's Blank Generation' Undergraduate Research Conference, York St John, May 2014. 




On Octavia Butler's Kindred (1979) in Terra Two: An Arc for Off World Survival, ed. Edgar. R and King. L (Valley Press, 2019) 107-112

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