Dr Alexander Beaumont

Dr Alexander Beaumont

Alexander Beaumont received his BA in English Literature from the University of Exeter and holds an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture from the University of York. He completed his PhD at the University of York in 2011 and taught there until autumn 2013, when he took up his position as Lecturer in English Literature at York St John University.

In addition to level four undergraduate courses, Alex teaches modules on literary theory, contemporary literature, and gender and sexuality. He also teaches on the MA in Contemporary Literature.

He completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in 2015 and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is also a member of the Northern Theory School, an interdisciplinary network that gathers together researchers at universities in northern England who work in the field of critical and cultural theory. For more information, please visit the Northern Theory School website



Alex's research interests focus on postwar and contemporary literature and culture.

His first book, Contemporary British Fiction and the Cultural Politics of Disenfranchisement (Palgrave Macmillan 2015), examines visions of urban space produced across a range of contemporary fiction in order to evaluate the legacy of British cultural studies in the field of literary production.

He has edited special issues of Literary Geographies and C21 Literature, and his work has appeared in Contemporary Literature and the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies.

He has published essays on Hanif Kureishi, Jeanette Winterson, Maggie Gee, Alasdair Gray and Jeff Noon.

He has specific interests in Thatcherism and cultural politics; literary geography and representations of spatiality; freedom, neoliberalism and the novel; devolution, British constitutional culture and the representation of northern England; and biopolitics, governmentality and political theory.

He welcomes PhD proposals in any of these research areas.



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Public Engagement

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