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My interest lies at the intersection of geography, environmental science and developmental studies and encompasses many areas in the study of human-environment interactions.

My PhD in Geography from the University of Leeds integrated methods from social network analysis, neo-institutionalism and ecosystem services valuation. I hold an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a B.Tech in Geography from the Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria. Having educational training exposure in three countries has really enriched my teaching and research. Prior to joining York St John University, I have taught at Universities in Nigeria and United Kingdom and have been a recipient of some fellowships including The Netherlands Fellowship (NFP) and the Commonwealth Academic Fellowship (CSFP).

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As a geographer, I adopt an interdisciplinary teaching approach that helps to develop meaningful links between different fields in ways that intrigue and motivate students, pushing us towards more powerful thinking in which we make comparisons, bridge disciplines, span eras, and encourage the application of knowledge. Integrating knowledge generated through my research into teaching help students to think outside the box and become better critical and independent thinkers.

I lead the second year module “Sustainability: Global Environmental Challenges”. I contribute to other modules including Critical Thinking & Academic Skills in Geography; Geography Fieldwork Studies; Research Project and Dissertation.

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).


I am interested in innovative interdisciplinary co-produced research positioned at the intersection of geography, environmental science and development studies. I use interdisciplinary perspectives to understand and proffer solutions to environmental challenges by feeding findings and outputs of academic research into policy. Specifically, I am interested in research that concern ecosystem service valuation, climate change governance, flood risk management, environment and natural resource politics. I am also interested in internationalisation and employability issues in higher education.

Ongoing research projects and grants

  • Embracing social learning in the management of ecosystem services in Chonguene District, Gaza Province, Mozambique. Funded by The Rising from the Depths network. Co-Investigator

Completed projects and grants

  • Supporting Young People to Become International Creative Talents: Educational Enterprise Collaborations between Shanghai and Liverpool. Funded by Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Co-Investigator
  • Promoting climate-resilient aquaculture through shared space for co-designing adaptation measures. Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng). Principal investigator
  • Sustainable ship breaking process for cleaner environment and better wellbeing. Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng). Co-Investigator


Book Chapter

Adekola, O; and Lamond, J (in Press). Exploring system thinking as a pathway to improve the use of knowledge in building resilience to climate-related hazards. In Martins, N; Santos, P; Lizarralde, G; Egbelakin, T; Rose, J and Mendes, J. Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience. Elsevier.

Cheng, M; Adekola, O; Pringle, B; and Tian, L. (2019). The Perceived Impact of Intercultural Awareness on Peer Interaction: Study of a UK University. In: Pritchard, Rosalind M.O., O’Hara, Mark, Milsom, Clare, Williams, James and Matei, Liviu, (eds.) The Three C-s of Higher Education Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity. Hungary, CEU Press, pp. 169-184.

Refereed Journals

Adekola, O; Lamond, J; Adelekan, I; and Eze, B. (2020). Evaluating Flood Adaptation Governance in the city of Calabar, Nigeria. Climate and Development.

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Adekola, O., Whanda, S. & Ogwu, F. (2012). Assessment of Policies and Legislation that Affect Management of Wetlands in Nigeria. Wetlands, 32, 665-677.

Further Publications

Non-peer reviewed publication and reports

Lamond, J; Adekola, O; Adelekan, I; Bhattacharya-Mis, N; Eze, B; and Ujoh, F. (2019). Adaptation of Urban Infrastructure to Enhance Climate Resilience in Nigeria. London: ICF International.

Lamond, J; Adekola, O; and Everett, G. (2019). Community engagement: a guide to its fundamental importance in developing BGI.

Oliveira, S., Burch, J., Hutchison, K., Adekola, O., Jaradat, S. and Jones, M. (2017) MMC modes of delivery in housing: Effects on Housing Association clients. Project Report. Flagship Group.

Chan, F; Loh, C; MacDonald, A; Mitchell, G, Adekola, O.A (2010) Rich Delta, Costly Flooding. Civic Exchange, Hong Kong.

Publications intended for the general public

Adekola, O (2018). Many African countries are flooding, risking decades of development if they do not adapt. The Conversation.

Adekola, O (2018). Nigeria’s conflict is a result of environmental devastation across West Africa. The Conversation.

Adekola, O (2013) The Inconsistency of the Flood Narrative in Nigeria. e-International Relations, 4th February 2013.

Adekola, O (2011) Sacred to sacrilege: Oil smears the gods but awakens the youth. Earth Collective Seasonal News Letter 12


Conference papers and presentations

Lamond, J; Adekola, O. (2018). Exploring system thinking as a pathway to improve the use of knowledge in building resilience to climate-related hazards. In 8th International Conference on Building Resilience (ICBR 2018), Lisbon, Portugal.

Adekola, O; Everett, G; Lamond, J (2018). A Proposal for a Community Engagement Framework for Co-Developing Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) in the Built Environment. In Architecture, Media, Politics Society Conference on Health: The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live, 25-26 January 2018, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Terdoo, F.; Adekola, O (2015) Exploring institutional dimension of climate-smart agriculture in Nigeria In: Third International Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), 16 – 18 March, 2015, Montpellier, France.

Adekola, O; Fanen, F (2015) How smart is Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)? – Lessons from Northern Nigeria Nigeria In Third International Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), 16 – 18 March 2015, Montpellier, France.

Adekola, O.; Terdoo, F (2014) A call to Nigerian Geographers: managing environments using ecosystem services approach. In 55th Annual Conference of Association of Nigerian Geographers (ANG), 7th April – 13th April 2014, Abuja, Nigeria.

Adekola, O. (2011) West African Lakes: Uses and Threats In: 14th World Lake Conference, 31st October 2011 – 4th November 2011, Austin, Texas, United State of America.

Adekola, O.; Morardet, S.; Groot, R.S. de; Grelot, F. (2008) Economic value of provisioning services and livelihood dependence on the Ga-Mampa wetland, South Africa In 13th IWRA World Water congress, 1 - 4 September 2008, Montpellier, France. - Montpellier: 13th IWRA World Water congress.

Adekola, O.; Morardet, S.; Grelot, F.; Groot, R.S. de (2007) The value of provisioning services and livelihood dependence on the Ga-Mampa wetland, South Africa In: 8th Waternet/WARFSA Symposium, Livingstone, 30th October – 3rd November 2007. 8th Waternet/WARFSA Symposium, Livingstone.

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