Dr Olalekan Adekola

Dr Olalekan Adekola

I joined the Department of Geography as a Lecturer in January 2018. I have over 10 years’ international experience of teaching and research in British and Nigerian universities. I hold a Bachelor of Technology in Geography from Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria; a MSc in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, The Netherlands; and a Ph.D. in Geography from University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

My PhD thesis focused on “the roles of the institutions and networks in environmental management”. After my PhD, I worked as a tutor in the University of Glasgow where I lectured on the research methods module as well as undertook research projects in learning and teaching unit. Prior to joining York St John University, I worked as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience, the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. I worked on a project titled “Adaptation of urban infrastructure to enhance climate resilience in Nigeria”. I have been a recipient some fellowships including the prestigious Commonwealth Academic Fellowship.

Further Information


Over the last ten years I have taught a number of courses at various levels, including courses in human geography, environmental management and qualitative research methods. I have a keen interest in research led teaching, and I am in the process of gaining the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP).

Currently I am responsible for the Geography 2nd year module “Sustainability: Global Environmental Challenges” and I am also involved in teaching on the 1st year module “Geography Fieldwork Studies”.


I have research interests in the areas of environmental management, ecosystem services assessments and social and political dynamics of flood risk recovery and response. I use interdisciplinary perspectives to understand and solve environmental challenges by feeding findings and outputs of academic research into policy.

I would be interested in supervising on topics such as:

  • Ecosystem services and livelihoods
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Disaster risk management (i.e. social and political dynamics of flood risk response and recovery)
  • Research using environmental systems analysis tools (e.g. life cycle analysis, multi-criteria analysis, cost benefit analysis) for decision making


Peer-reviewed scientific articles

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Non-refereed scientific articles 

Oliveira, S., Burch, J., Hutchison, K., Adekola, O., Jaradat, S. and Jones, M. (2017) MMC modes of delivery in housing: Effects on Housing Association clients. Project Report. Flagship Group.

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Conference papers and presentations

Terdoo, F.; Adekola, O (2015) Exploring institutional dimension of climate-smart agriculture in Nigeria In: Third International Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), 16 – 18 March, 2015, Montpellier, France.

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Publications intended for the general public

Adekola, O (2013) The Inconsistency of the Flood Narrative in Nigeria. e-International Relations, 4th February 2013.

Adekola, O (2011) Sacred to sacrilege: Oil smears the gods but awakens the youth. Earth Collective Seasonal News Letter 12

Professional Activities

Journal Reviewing Activities: International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management; International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering; Management of Environmental Quality; Risk Management; WETLANDS

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