Dr Stephen Robinson

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BA Hons (Southampton), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Southampton)

Dr Stephen Robinson was appointed Lecturer in American Studies in September 2015. He previously taught at the University of Southampton, Royal Holloway, University of London, and the University of Winchester.

Research and teaching interests include: African American history; American South; American visual culture; Gilded Age and Progressive Era America; Historical trauma; Hollywood cinema.

Stephen specialises in American social and cultural history. He is currently working on a book-length project entitled The Jim Crow South in History and Memory.

For 2016/17 Stephen will be teaching the following modules:

American Foundations (Level 1); Cinema and Society (Level 1); Making of Modern America: 1877-1929 (Level 2); From Slavery to Freedom: The Black Experience in America (Level 2); Cinema of Conflict: Trauma and American Film and TV (Level 3); Great Society (Level 3).

Publications and Papers

Publications and Papers

‘Randolph Bourne’, in Jeffrey A. Johnson, ed., Reforming America: A Thematic Encyclopaedia and Document Collection of the Progressive Era (forthcoming, Santa Barbara, CA, 2017)

‘African American Citizenship, the 1883 Civil Rights Cases, and the Creation of the Jim Crow South’, History (forthcoming)

‘The New Career of Jim Crow’, Reviews in American History (forthcoming, September 2016)

‘The (Re) Presentation of Fannie Lou Hamer: Race, Gender and Celebrity in the Civil Rights Movement’, IHR Gender and History in the Americas Seminar, 6 June 2016

‘Henry Watterson, White Manhood and the Creation of the New South’, IHR North American History Seminar, 21 January 2016

 ‘Howard University’, in Tyson D. King-Meadows, ed., African American Leadership: A Concise Reference Guide (Santa Barbara, CA, 2015), pp. 131-133

“To think, act, vote, and speak for ourselves’: Black Democrats and Black ‘agency’ in the American South after Reconstruction’, Journal of Social History, 48 (Winter 2014), pp. 363-382

‘Rethinking Black Urban Politics in the 1880s: The Case of William Gaston in Post-Reconstruction Alabama’, Alabama Review, 66 (January 2013), pp. 3-29

Book reviews for American Nineteenth Century History, the Journal of American Studies, and the Journal of Southern History.