Dr Zoë Enstone

Senior Lecturer: Liberal Arts

School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

E: z.enstone@yorksj.ac.uk

T: 876 432


I joined York St John University in 2018 to lead the Liberal Arts Foundation Year. My university education was at the University of Leicester; after a BA (Hons) in English, I specialized in medieval studies at postgraduate level with an MA in English Literary Research (AHRC funded) and a PhD (AHRC funded), titled ‘'Wichecraft & vilaine': Morgan Le Fay in Medieval Arthurian Literature’. I have previously taught on English literature and language modules at the University of Leicester and the University of Nottingham, mainly focused on the medieval period. Prior my role at York St John I led the Arts and Humanities Foundation Year at the University of Leeds, teaching across a range of interdisciplinary modules.

I have completed the University of Leeds Teaching Award (Level 2) and am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy..


Further Information



I teach on the following interdisciplinary modules for the Liberal Arts Foundation Year:

  • Eboracum: York, Space and Place,
  • Argufying: Rhetoric, Reason and Reflection,
  • Being Human 1: Structure, Agency and Identity,
  • Being Human 2: Culture, Truth and Myth,
  • Freedom and Justice,
  • Imagining the Future: Environment, Apocalypse and the Digital Revolution.



My research background is in interdisciplinary medieval and renaissance studies, with a focus on the literature of these periods. I am particularly interested in the ideas of transition and transformation, especially in relation to the idea of power and inter-textual dialogues. My PhD thesis explored the changing representation of the character Morgan le Fay by examining possible sources and analogues in Old Irish and Old Welsh sources, as well as her depiction in Old French and a range of Middle English texts. Since then I have built on some of the key themes from my research in ongoing explorations of magic and gender in medieval works, but also in ongoing work on the transition from the Medieval to the renaissance/early modern period. 

I also have interests in andragogy, especially in the delivery of interdisciplnarity in a foundation year context as well as the integration of academic skills into Higher Education teaching.




Book Chapter

‘Melusine and Purgatorial Punishment: The changing nature of fays’, in Melusine’s Footprint: Tracing the Legacy of a Medieval Myth, ed. Misty Urban et al., Brill. November 2017.


'The Vulgate Merlin', in The Malory Project, directed by Takako Kato and designed by Nick Hayward 

'The Roman War Episode', transcribed and edited by Jennifer De Lillo, Pip Willcox, Gavin Cole, Zoë Enstone, and Takako Kato, in The Malory Project, directed by Takako Kato and designed by Nick Hayward

Kickstart, 2014 (updated: 2015; 2016; 2017).




Conference Proceedings

(with M. Newman) ‘Forming Firm Foundations: Integrating Interdisciplinarity in the Arts and Humanities’, In: It’s all adult education: Proceedings of 44th Annual Conference. Ed. Lindsey Fraser and Rosa Mas Giralt. Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds, in conjunction with the Standing Conference on Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults, 2015.

Conference Papers

9th-11th April 2018

The 16th Biennial Medieval Insular Romance Conference, Cardiff University

Paper Title: ‘To Beard Identity in its Den: Sir Orfeo’s Transformations’

12th-13th July 2017

Foundation Year Network Conference, University of Warwick

Paper Title: ‘Feedback Dialogues: Supporting Academic Development in the Foundation Year and in Transition to Level One’

3rd-6th July 2017

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Sir Orfeo’s Beard’

5th-6th January   2017

Student Education Conference and Digital Festival 2017, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Sharing the word: Academic writing and developing a feedback dialogue’

4th-7th July 2016

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘“A pade pikes on the polle”: Women and Punishment in the Later Middle English Romances’

7th April



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Frameworks and Practice, University of Sheffield

Paper Title: ‘Facilitating Interdisciplinary Encounters for Foundation Year Learners: A Module Case Study’

3rd-4th March 2016

Inspire – sharing great practice in Arts and Humanities teaching and learning, Higher Education Academy

Paper Title: ‘Overt and covert methods: incorporating subject-specific and generic skills into an Arts and Humanities Foundation Year programme’

2nd December 2015

Learning Forum, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Supporting interdisciplinarity through innovation: academic development throughout the year’

7th-9th September 2015

International Arthurian Society: British Branch Conference, University of York

Paper Title: ‘The iconography of Arthurian women: Morgan le Fay and Melusine’

7th-9th July 2015

SCUTREA (Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults), University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Forming Firm Foundations: Integrating Interdisciplinarity in the Arts and Humanities’

7th-10th July 2014

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Ladies of the Lake: Submersion and Subversion in Le Morte Darthur

1st-4th July 2013

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘Ira Ignored: Morgan le Fay and Alixandre L’Orphelin’

3rd-5th April 2012

Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘PAL Leaders as Decision Makers: Physical Versus Virtual Learning Spaces’

10th-12th April 2010

The Twelfth Biennial Conference in Medieval Romance. Insular Romance: Contexts and Traditions, University College Cork, Ireland

Paper Title: ‘Morgan le Fay in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’

13th-16th July 2009

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Paper Title: ‘“For ever she boyleth in scaldynge water”: Morgan le Fay, Female Self-Authorization, and Malory’

24th-25th April 2009

Blood, Sex, Malory, University of Leicester

Paper Title: ‘Morgan le Fay, Violence, Magic and Transgression’



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