Dr Christopher Kirkland

Dr Christopher Kirkland, Lecturer: Politics

I joined the department in August 2018 having previously worked at the University of Leicester, the University of Liverpool and the University of Sheffield. I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2015.

Further Information


I have taught on a number of courses at different institutions, covering British politics, comparative politics and political economy. This year I am convening the modules, 1PT005 Comparative Politics (semester 1) and 1PT003 International or Global? Globalisation in Debate (semester 2).


My research has two central focuses. The first centres upon on elections and voters. I have published work exploring the issue of legitimacy in low turnout ballots and am currently preparing a monograph exploring a new classification of elections (due to be published in 2019). The second strand of my research focuses on political economy within a British context. I have published a monograph exploring the notion of crisis, comparing the trade union crisis of the 1970s and 1980s and the banking crisis of 2007.



Kirkland, C. (forthcoming) Labour Party Ideology Since 1906: Developed Through Crises Bristol University Press Bristol. Expected Publication 2022

Kirkland, C. (forthcoming) Classifying Elections in Britain. Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke. Expected publication 2019

Kirkland, C. 2017A Tale of Two Crises: The Trade Unions Crisis of 1976-9 and the Banking Sector Crisis of 2007/8. Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke.


Journal Articles

Kirkland, C. and Wood, M. 2017 Legitimacy and Legitimization in Low Turnout Ballots Government and Opposition 52 (3) 511-531 

Kirkland, C. 2015 PCC Elections as a Failed Experiment: What Lessons can be Learned? The Political Quarterly 86 (3) 403-410

Kirkland, C. 2015 Thatcherism and the Financial Crisis, British Politics 10 (4) 514-535

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