Dr Matthew Denton

Senior Lecturer in Politics

School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

E: m.denton@yorksj.ac.uk

T: 87 6353

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I studied Politics at the University of Sheffield, beginning with a BA (2001), MA (2002) and PhD (2007), which examined the impact of devolution on the frameworks of accountability in the sphere of delegated governance in the UK. I taught Politics at the University of Sheffield (2005-2008), and subsequently spent nine years in international pathway sector, teaching Politics and Social Science to international students in preparation for entry onto undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at The University of Sheffield. 

I joined the School of Humanities, Religion and Philosophy in October 2017 to develop the brand new suite of Politics undergraduate programmes.

Further Information


Throughout the last 13 years I have delivered and coordinated Politics and Social Science modules across all levels of undergraduate study, particularly British Politics, Political Analysis, Globalisation, Philosophy of Social Research, and introductions to Politics and Political Philosophy.

As part of the new Politics degree at York St John, I will be teaching on the first year modules: Introduction to Politics; UK Politics: Tradition and Change; and Politics and...: An Interdisciplinary Approach. I have also contributed to the Liberal Arts Foundation Programme, delivering sessions on political philosophy.


My research is focused on the layers of delegated governance – commonly referred to as 'quangos' – that exist within the British state, particularly in the context of levels to autonomy and control with ministerial departments, democratic accountability and the extent to which devolution has facilitated change in these areas. My research is informed by the theoretical framework of multi-level governance. I also have a broader interest in power relations in the British State.

Publications and Conferences


‘Democracy, Devolution and Delegated Governance in Scotland’, Regional and Federal Studies, 2006, Vol. 16, No. 1, [with Flinders, M.] pp. 63-82.

‘The Impact of the Committee for Standards in Public Life on Delegated Governance: The Commissioner for Public Appointments’, Parliamentary Affairs, 2006, Vol. 59, No. 3, pp. 491-508.

Conference Papers

‘Shrinking Reach and Delegated Governance: Political Parties and Patronage in Britain’ (with Matthew Flinders); ECPR Joint Sessions, Workshop Title: ‘Political Parties and Patronage’, Nicosia, Cyprus, April 2006.

‘The Nolan Report and Delegated Governance: where are we now?’; 55th Annual Political Studies Conference, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, April 2005.

‘The Impact of Devolution on Quasi-Autonomous Public Bodies: The Case of Scotland’; SCANCOR Workshop in collaboration with SOG: ‘Autonomization of the state: From integrated administrative models to single purpose organisations’, Stanford University, USA, April 2005.

‘The Topography of Delegated Governance: A Study of Organisational Form, Function and Autonomy in the Modern British State’ (with Matthew Flinders); ‘Seminar on organisational forms, autonomy and control in the public sector’, Rokkan Centre, Bergen, Norway, December 2003.

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