Dr Samuel Jarvis

Lecturer: International Relations

School of Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

E: s.jarvis@yorksj.ac.uk

T: 876 618


I joined York St John as a Lecturer in International Relations in 2019 having previously worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds and as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton. I was awarded my PhD in 2018 by the University of Sheffield for a thesis examining the theoretical foundations of common humanity and its motivational influence on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle. I also hold an MA and BA (Hons) in International Relations, both from the University of Leeds.

My research works at the intersection between the disciplines of International Relations and Political Theory in order to interrogate and assess the normative and practical issues surrounding global collective action in response to insecurities caused by mass atrocity crimes, political violence and humanitarian emergencies.



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My teaching philosophy is built around the encouragement of students to think critically and engage in reflexive practices, which I believe to be essential in helping to facilitate active and engaged participation in lectures and seminars. I have experience in the development, design and delivery of teaching in International Relations at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels and am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

In 2019/20 I am convening the modules:

2PT011 International Relations: Theory and Practice

1PT003 International or Global? Globalisation in Debate

I will also be providing teaching on the modules:

2PT010 The European Union

2PT001 Political Analysis: Theory and Method




My research primarily focuses on the complex interaction between politics, morality and law at the global level, with particular emphasis on the UN Security Council and international peace and security. I am therefore passionate about exploring both the normative and practical challenges of motivating international collective action, in specific regard to issues such as humanitarian intervention, global governance and human rights protection.

For my latest research, I have been working as part of a British Academy funded project which explores the UK role and reputation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council after the decision to leave the European Union. The project builds on an interdisciplinary approach to explore how the UK’s status and diplomacy as a permanent member is perceived by other members of the UN Security Council. The research therefore feeds into broader debates concerning the UK’s role in peacekeeping, international development and international security, following the decision to leave the EU.

Research Interests:

  • Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
  • The Politics of Humanity
  • UN Security Council
  • International Peace and Security
  • Intervention and Peacekeeping
  • Global Governance
  • UK Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory
  • Global Health

Professional Activities


European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (ECR2P)

Academic Council of the United Nations System

International Studies Association

British International Studies Association

BISA Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Working Group

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy




Journal Articles

Jarvis, S. (2018) Assessing the Responsibility to Protect’s Motivational Capacity: The Role of Humanity. Journal of International Political Theory, Vol 14, Issue 1, pp. 107 – 124

Ralph, J, Gifkins, J and Jarvis, S. (Accepted: 2019) The UK’s Special Responsibilities at the United Nations: Diplomatic Practice in Normative Context. British Journal of Politics and International Relations (Forthcoming).

Book Chapters

Jarvis, S. (2017) A Critical Examination of “Humanity” in Aidan Hehir and Robert Murray, (eds.) Protecting Human Rights in the 21st Century (London: Routledge).

Brown, G.W. and Jarvis, S. (2019) Motivating Cosmopolitanism and the Responsibility for the Health of Others in R. Beardsworth, G.W. Brown & R. Shapcott (eds.) The State and Cosmopolitan Responsibilities (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Policy Reports

Gifkins, J. Jarvis, S. and Ralph, J. (2019) Global Britain in the United Nations. UNA-UK Report.

Published Evidence to Government

Jarvis, S. (2019) Written Evidence “Autocracies and UK Foreign Policy inquiry” Foreign Affairs Committee, May 2019.


“Diplomats reveal concerns over UK’s waning influence on UN Security Council” The Conversation, September 26, 2018. (With Gifkins, J and Ralph, J.)

“Global Britain’: have we lost our marbles?” LSE Brexit Blog, (With Gifkins, J and Ralph, J.)

“Global Britain: Influence after Brexit” The UK in a Changing Europe, (With Gifkins, J and Ralph, J.)


“How Will Britain’s Role Change in the UN as Brexit Brews?” Passblue (With Gifkins, J and Ralph, J.)


Book Review

“Debating Humanitarian Intervention: Should We Try to Save Strangers?” by Fernando Tesón and Bas van der Vossen, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017 E-International Relations, November 12, 2018. (With Garrett Brown)





Selected Conference Presentations


Jarvis, S. (2019) Contesting International Peace and Security: Sovereignty, Human Rights and The Future of the R2P, International Studies Association, Toronto, Canada.

Jarvis, S. and J. Gifkins (2019) Brexit and the United Nations Security Council: Declining British Influence? International Studies Association, Toronto, Canada.

Jarvis, S. (2019) Competing Accountabilities in R2P Implementation: Rethinking the Interaction Between Morality, Politics and Law. BISA Intervention and R2P Annual Workshop, Leeds, UK

Jarvis, S. and Gifkins, J. (2018) ‘The Special Responsibilities of a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council: A Framework for Analysing the UK’s Role and Reputation After its Decision to Leave the EU’. ACUNS Annual Conference, Rome, Italy

Jarvis, S. (2017) ‘Rallying Cry or Policy Agenda? Re-evaluating R2P’s Motivational Capacity for Change. British International Studies Association, Brighton, UK.

Jarvis, S. (2017) ‘Assessing the Responsibility to Protect’s Motivational Capacity: The Role of Humanity’. International Studies Association, Baltimore, USA.

Jarvis, S. (2017) ‘The Scope of Humanity’s Reach: Re-Evaluating the R2P as a Moral Call to Action’. ECR2P Conference University of Leeds, UK.

Jarvis, S. (2016) ‘Reframing State Responsibility to Humanity: Beyond a Threat to Peace and Security’. International Studies Association, Atlanta, USA.

Jarvis, S. (2015) ‘Reframing the R2P Debate: The Role of Common Humanity’. British International Studies Association, London, UK.

Jarvis, S. (2015) ‘International Legitimacy and R2P: The Challenges to Liberal Progress’ International Studies Association, New Orleans, USA.



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