Staff research supervision areas

General areas of supervision

  • Language identity and power
  • Language learning and teaching
  • Language variation and change
  • Language meaning and cognition


Dr Leesa Clarke (Areas of expertise: typical and atypical development of literacy and language; dyslexia; comprehension difficulties; children's written language acquisition; motivation, attitudes and literacy acquisition)

Dr Clare Cunningham (Areas of expertise: Critical Discourse Analysis; attitudes to language; multilingualism in education; English as an Additional Language (EAL); TESOL; English for Academic Purposes (EAP); classroom discourse)

Dr Chisato Danjo (Areas of expertise: multilingualism; language policy and practice; family language planning and maintenance; language, culture and identity; linguistic ethnography; Critical Discourse Analysis; interactional sociolinguistics)

Professor Christopher J Hall (Areas of expertise: English as a Lingua Franca; ontologies of English; the multilingual mental lexicon; L2 vocabulary development; second language acquisition; applied linguistics)

Dr Yeji Han (Areas of expertise: motivation; individual differences in second language acquisition; task-based language learning; classroom-based research; LOTEs [Languages other than English])

Dr Indu Meddegama (Areas of expertise: sociolinguistics, linguistic ethnography, multilingualism, TESOL, EAP, World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca)

Dr Becky Muradás-Taylor (Areas of expertise: L2 phonetics and phonology; L2 learning and teaching; English phonetics and phonology; Japanese language and linguistics; contemporary Japanese society)

Dr Dai O'Brien (Areas of expertise: Critical Discourse Analysis; creative and visual research methods; spatial theory; Bourdieusian theory; Deafhood studies)

Professor Helen Sauntson (Areas of expertise: language, gender and sexuality; classroom discourse analysis; gender, sexuality and education)

Dr Kate Whisker-Taylor (Area of expertise: language variation and change)

Dr Rachel Wicaksono (Areas of expertise: teaching English to speakers of other languages; applied linguistics; English as a Lingua Franca, especially in educational settings; language classroom discourse)

Maja Skender-Lizatovic (Areas of expertise: Discourse analysis, Conversation analysis, Pragmatics, Japanese language and linguistics, Japanese language education.) 

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