Gateway House Spaces

The Lounge and The Study

The Lounge and The Study are both located in the basement of Gateway House.

Both rooms are available for School of Languages and Linguistics students to use, for working with other students on their course or for private study. The Lounge has comfy sofas and a table for laptop use, and The Study has three desktop computers.

These specialist resources are there to support learning and help the School to develop a multi-lingual community of linguists (students and staff) in Gateway House.

Fountains Building

Linguistics Lab

Located on the second floor of the Fountains building is the School's dedicated Linguistics Lab. Here students can analyse speech using digital software, and by the creative use of web-based teaching and learning spaces, including a programme website where staff and students have built a virtual learning community. 


Languages Workshop

Located on the second floor of the Fountains building is the School's dedicated Languages Workshop. Seminars and lectures are held here, the Japanese society and Languages Society meet here, and students study here. Computers are installed with specialist software such as Computer Assisted Translation Software.

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