Dr Andrew John Merrison

BA (York), MSc (Edinburgh), PhD (Edinburgh)

Having started his professional life training to be an accountant, Andrew switched to linguistics in 1987. After a BA in Language (German and Mandarin) & Linguistic Science (York, 1991) and an MSc in Cognitive Science and Natural Language (Edinburgh, 1992), he gained his PhD in linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in June 1998. He started working for York St John University in September 1998. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for English Language & Linguistics within the Business School.

He is the founder and co-organiser of the York St John University Colloquium Series in Linguistics (which to date has hosted 53 lectures). This series is now organised under the auspices of Languages and Identities in InterAction Research Unit (LIdIA) of which he is a co-founder.

Andrew is a mac-using viola player who, if lucky, occasionally gets to play bridge and golf. He spends most of his life doing Conversation Analysis and studying the socio-pragmatics of inter-action, too much money on books, way too much time on Facebook, and nowhere near enough with Sally, Ben and Joe Merrison. Invariably quite cheerful, his favourite words are minimum and outwith. He usually finds it much harder to stick to word counts.

Further Information


Andrew teaches on the BA in English Language & Linguistics and the Joint Honours degrees that pair with it. He provides part of the team teaching on Key Concepts (1LL010) and is Module Director for Semantics and Pragmatics (1LL020),Analysing Talk-in-Interaction (2LL040), Sociolinguistics (2LL090), Advanced Conversation Analysis (3LL020) and English Language & Linguistics Dissertation (3LL990/991). Andrew has supervised five postgraduate research degrees to successful completion (one MA and four PhDs) and is currently supervisor to five PhD students with a sixth to be interviewed in early July 2012.

Professional Activities

Since 2000, Andrew has been an executive member of the Linguistic Politeness Research Group (LPRG). The LPRG management group organises conferences, research seminars, symposia and reading groups on the subject of politeness and impoliteness. It was also responsible for founding the Journal of Politeness Research: Language, Behaviour, Culture in 2005. The LPRG maintains a website of relevant resources which is available at < http://research.shu.ac.uk/politeness/index.html >.

In 2009, at a serendipitous breakfast in a café in Brisbane following a symposium on Face hosted at Griffith University, Andrew co-founded GAS (the Goffman Appreciation Society) with Jim O’Driscoll and Oliver Hambling-Jones. GAS currently operates as a reading group with the aim of reading and discussing all of Erving Goffman’s publications in chronological order. After eleven meetings, our twelfth will be a discussion of Stigma (1963) at the University of Huddersfield on the 12thof September 2012. Although GAS has regular participants from Huddersfield, Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham, Sheffield and York, it is a group that is open to all (contact Andrew for details).

Andrew is a regular peer reviewer for the Journal of Politeness Research and the Journal of Pragmatics. He is in his fourth year as external examiner for a suite of BAs in English Language and Communication at Cardiff University’s School of English, Communication and Philosophy. In September 2012 he is about to start a three year term as external examiner for linguistic components of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the Department of Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield.

Since 2008, Andrew has been a Principal Investigator on a Collaborative Multi-Institutional Research Project (A.J. Merrison, York St John University; G.H. Turner and G.A. Quinn, Heriot–Watt University; B.L. Davies, University of Leeds):Interpreting Task-Oriented Discourse between Deaf and Hearing Participants.

Research & Publications

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