Dr Yeji Han

Lecturer in Korean and Linguistics

School of Languages & Linguistics

E: y.han@yorksj.ac.uk

T: 01904 876556

Portrait of tutor

I am Lecturer in Korean and Linguistics in the School of Languages and Linguistics. Prior to joining York St John University, I taught at the University of Oregon, Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), University of Languages and International Studies–Vietnam National University, and Georgia State University. My teaching expertise lies in language pedagogy, English and Korean linguistics, second language acquisition and research method.

Further information


At York St John University, I am a module leader of:

  • Year 1 Accelerated Korean 1
  • Year 1 Accelerated Korean 2
  • Year 1 Descriptive Grammar of English
  • Year 1 Language and Society

At other institutions, I taught the following modules at the undergraduate level.

  • Korean linguistics
  • Language and society in Korea
  • Second language acquisition
  • Descriptive grammar of English
  • English grammar pedagogy

At the postgraduate level, I taught

  • Linguistics research method
  • Applied linguistics studies
  • Individual differences in second language acquisition
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean pedagogy (combined module with advanced undergraduates)
  • Second language acquisition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (combined module with advanced undergraduates)

I have also served as PhD dissertation committee and MA comprehension exam committee and a PhD ABD advisor.

Professional Activities

Ad-hoc Reviewer for Journals

Studies in Educational Evaluation (2019)

Transcultural Psychiatry (2018-2019)

Concordia University Working Papers in Applied Linguistics (2014)

Editorial Board

Government-authorized English textbooks, Korean Ministry of Education (2012-2014)


American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
European Second Language Association (EuroSLA)
Psychology of Language Learning

Research Interests

My main research areas lie in individual differences in second language acquisition and speech performance. In particular, I investigate motivational influence on peer interaction and learning behaviour in classroom-based setting. To this end, I adopt both quantitative and qualitative research method, for example, questionnaires, linguistic analyses, and stimulated recall interviews.

I am also interested in context-specific dimensions of motivation—mainly target language and sociocultural learning environment. To emphasize the contextual specificity, I have chosen to work with under-researched learner population who learns a less-commonly-taught language.

My other research projects include exploring the dynamics of nurse-patient interaction during pain-assessment interviews and students’ responses to feedback during second language task performance.

Publications and Conferences


Han, Y., Segalowitz, N., Khalil, L., Kehayia, E., Turner, C., & Gatbonton, E. (forthcoming). Do nurses use discourse markers differently when using their second language as opposed to their first while interviewing patients? The Canadian Modern Language Review

Han, Y. and McDonough, K. (2019). Motivation as individual differences and as task conditions: Their effects on complexity, accuracy, fluency and lexical dysfluency in L2 Korean. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching. 1-12.

Han, Y. and McDonough, K. (2018). Korean L2 speakers’ regulatory focus and oral task performance. International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 56, 2, 181-203. 

Han, Y. (2012). Do native languages play a role in second language writing? In S. Hong, S. Jung, Y. Park, Y. Rho, & H. Ryu (Eds.), Proceedings of the Modern Linguistic Society of Korea. (pp. 147-151).


Han, Y. (2016, October). Cluster analysis: L2 motivational profiles and the quality of L2 speech. Paper presented at the Focus on learner: Contributions of individual differences to second language learning and teaching, Konin, Poland. 

Han, Y. (2016, September). The effects of trait-based and task-based regulatory focus on L2 oral performance and noticing of feedback. Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum, NY: New York.

Han, Y. (2016, August). L2 depression and anxiety in relation to L2 self. Paper presented at the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA), Jyväskylä, Finland. 

Han, Y. (2016, August) Motivational inclinations of L2 self: Promotion and prevention focus. Paper presented at the Psychology of Language Learning 2, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Han, Y. (2015, March). Exploring the effects of trait- and state-based regulatory focus on L2 oral task performance. Paper presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL),

Toronto, Canada.

Han, Y. (2012, June) Do native languages play a role in second language writing? Paper presented at the Modern Linguistic Society of Korea, Seoul, South Korea.

Han, Y. (2011, October) Keywords from academic corpora: NS-NNS comparison. Paper presented at the Korea TESOL, Seoul, South Korea.

Kim, Y., Tracy-Ventura, N., Han, Y. (2011, September) Task repetition, learner-learner interaction, and the development of L2 oral performance. Paper presented at the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA), Stockholm, Sweden.

Han, Y. (2010, September) Turn-taking patterns in inter-cultural and intra-cultural conversations: English, Korean and Spanish. Paper presented at the South East TESOL, Miami, FL.

Han, Y. (2010, March) The role of perceptability in vowel epenthesis. Poster presented at the TESOL graduate forum, Boston, MA.


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