Booking and Borrowing Items

Borrowing Equipment

Certain pieces of small equipment such as hand tools, digital cameras etc can be borrowed for use as part of any projects or activities you may be carrying out as part of your course work.

If you would like to borrow an item then complete the Equipment Booking Form and email it to your Technical Hub Team on the relevant email address below. For FTV students only you need to have your booking form signed by your Module Tutor, print off two copies and take them to the FTV Technical hub in person; the form for you to use is the FTV Equipment Booking Form.

By completing an equipment booking form you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

You are responsible for the equipment from when it is signed out to when it is signed back in by a member of Technical staff
You must take all reasonable care to protect the equipment from theft, damage and other risks. This includes making sure you never leave it unattended or unsecured
You must report any theft, loss or damage of equipment to a member of Technical staff immediately
Equipment must be returned on or before the due date. Failure to do so may result in you forfeiting the opportunity to use the equipment again for a set period of time
All equipment remains the property of York St John University at all times
Equipment must not be altered or adapted in any way and may only be used in conjunction with accessories or other equipment issued by a member of Technical staff

Media Production 

Music Production 


Theatre and Dance 

Booking a performance space

If you would like to carry out work in one of the performance spaces outside scheduled teaching you need to consult with the member of staff in charge of the project and have their consent before doing so. It may be that agreement is given but there are constraints regarding supervision where it is felt it is necessary. No work is to be carried out without this consent.

If a space is available it can be booked via Timetable. it's advisable to print off confirmation of your booking and have it with you when using the space as you may be asked to show you have made a booking.
If you decide you no longer need the space you have booked, please cancel it through the Timetable system as soon as possible as this will free it up for someone else to use.

Never work alone in any space.

Borrowing and booking out instruments

The Music Department has a wealth of instruments, the majority of which can be borrowed, including:

  • Violins
  • French Horns
  • Oboe
  • An A clarinet
  • Baritone ukuleles
  • A selection of tuned and untuned percussion

plus a selection of more obscure instruments such as Crumhorns, Balalaikas and a Viol. You can find a full list of all the instruments under the Equipment section of the Online Technical Hub.

If you would like to borrow an instrument you need to complete the equipment and instrument booking form, which can be found here. Then:

  • Email the form to the Music Technician Support,, a minimum of two days before the date you require the instrument;
  • Make sure you receive an email confirmation;
  • Print a hard copy of the form and take it with you when collecting the instrument. This will need to be signed by you and the technician.

Instruments will need to be returned as stated on the form and in the same condition as when you signed them out.

Borrowing sheet music

Sheet music is available to borrow from the Library in the Fountains Learning Centre but there is an additional selection of vocal, choral and instrumental music, as well a limited collection of educational material available from the Music Library in MB203 on the 2nd floor of the Music block.

If you would like to borrow any of the music, please contact the Music Technician Emily Rowan (, Office MB208). She will let you in to browse the library or, if you know what you're after, be able to retieve this for you.

All materials should be returned to the Technician by the agreed date.

To browse any of the available materials, click on any category below:

  • Brass
  • Education
  • Guitar
  • Keys
  • Media
  • Mixed Ensemble
  • Percussion
  • Recorder
  • Strings
  • Vocal
  • Woodwind

If you are unsure or have any questions about the library or the stock etc. please contact the Music Support Technician - 

Special effects

Special effects

The use of special effects equipment requires specialist care and training. The use of materials such as pyrotechnics is controlled by law and all the statutory requirements must be followed.

Pyrotechnics, etc.

No special effects such as pyrotechnics, flash bombs, smoke bombs, smoke machines or effects or candles / naked flames should ever be used in a performance space or in any University premises or grounds unless there has been approval by a member of staff. If approval is sought from the academic leader of the project they will need to contact both the technicians and Head of Technical Services for agreement; you must not proceed until this agreement has been given.

Smoking on stage

Smoking on stage will only be permitted after consultation with the project leader, the technical staff and permission received from the Dean. Please remember that the University has a no smoking policy.

Smoke effects

If you would like to use smoke effects in an activity you will need to advise the technical team at least two weeks prior to the event. The technical team will work with you to ascertain what it is you require and if it will be possible; this will involve risk assessing the activity in regards to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations (COSHH) and control of potential exposure. In addition you and the technical team will work with the University Estates team on planning control measures regarding fire alarm activation and awareness of the activity taking place.

The following should be considered:

  • Limiting the amount of smoke/vapour to the minimum necessary for the desired effect.
  • Direct and control smoke effects towards the desired location to prevent overspill into audience areas.
  • Printed warnings (if the activity will be advertised to the public this will need to be stated on all marketing material).
  • Warning notices on the premises (reinforced by verbal warnings before the performance if this is considered necessary).

Strobe effects

The use of strobe effects is discouraged as they can make people feel unwell and can, in some cases, trigger epileptic fits. If permission is given for strobes to be used the following must be adhered to:

  • Never use at frequencies above 8hz;
  • Never use for longer than 20 seconds at a time, and
  • Always display warning signs at all entrances warning that strobe effects will be used in the performance. This should also be included in any programmes and publicity material you produce.

As always, the technical team are happy to answer any questions and provide support.

Borrowing costumes

Opening hours: Tuesday 10.30am – 1.00pm (term time only)

Store Managers (2014 – 2015)

Janice Newton – 

David Harrison – 

You are welcome to visit or pre-order costumes (contact either of the Managers above) and collect them during the above opening times. If, however, you are not able to collect an order during these hours you may reserve the costume which will then be placed into the store cupboard in Theatre Studio 4 for collection when convenient.

Occasionally the Costume Managers may be available at other times during the week to assist you but this will be dependent on their own classes and other commitments. Please contact them directly to arrange an alternative time if necessary.

When borrowing costumes you must complete the booking form in the book provided; no costumes will be issued without doing so. Items should be returned as soon as possible and ideally the same day. For any items not returned or damaged then you may be charged for the cost of replacement.

Please note:

The Costume Store is organised and managed as a professional service by student volunteers so we ask that you respect their time and the work that they do to provide this service.

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