Graduate Researchers

Our community of Graduate Researchers (at PhD and MA by Research) work across the School in theatre, music, music production and film.

Community Music

International Center for Community Music

Catherine Birch - PhD Community Music
Thesis title: Emerging Voices: An interrogation of vocal pedagogy and songwriting in community music, enabling participants from marginalised communities to have a voice.

Ruth Currie - PhD Community Music
Thesis title: More Music as cultural leadership: Exploring the implications of status on collaboration in West End Morecambe.

Jo Gibson - PhD Community Music 
Thesis title: Making Music Together: Community Music Facilitation.

Music Production

Cameron Smith – PhD Music Production
Thesis title: Score Compositional and Production Traits of Hans Zimmer and the Associated

Chris Johnson - PhD Music Production 
Thesis title: I Can’t Hear Me Anymore.


Anna Glarin – PhD Theatre 
Thesis title: How can theatre be used to explore questions of identity?

Linda Marshall Griffith - PhD Theatre/Radio 
Thesis title: Dramaturgy of Silence.

Lauren Nadia Hall – PhD Theatre
Thesis title: Staging Change: Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership in Learning Disability Theatre 

Pamela McQueen - PhD Theatre 
Thesis title: Echo To The Now: Audience Responses to Civic Space Participatory Performances.

David Richmond - PhD Theatre
Thesis title: Theatre Images as Hauntings.

Jules Dorey Richmond - PhD Theatre
Thesis title: Performing Coupledom: auto/biography, agency and the (un)making of ourselves.

Elanor Stannage - PhD Theatre 
Thesis title: Mapping the theoretical and experiential terrain of arts in mental health: processes of community-based, facilitated arts participation.




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