Cameron Smith

PhD Music Production

Thesis title: Score Compositional and Production Traits of Hans Zimmer and the Associated Composers of Remote Control Productions. 

Hans Zimmer is an internationally renowned film composer and producer. Zimmer and his company Remote Control Productions’ authority on the 21st century film music industry is unquestionable and ‘the Zimmer sound’ has become a common informal phrase used by composers. Zimmer himself calls his model of scoring ‘romantic minimalism’; using a fundamental melodic line to which textures can be simply added or taken away.

Whilst studying for my undergraduate and Master degrees, it came to my attention that Zimmer’s film scoring aesthetics could be the focus of further, more detailed research for the benefits of upcoming composers.

Through a PhD, I aim to establish the traits and aesthetics attributed to Zimmer and Remote Control Productions’ 21st century film scores, as well as research into a historical background of implementing these traits. For each of his films, I intend to closely analyse all of the film’s scenes and its accompanying narrative, creating a taxonomy of the scenes’ narrative genre and emotive semiotics displayed. Popular narrative theories will be explored and the narrative genre will be stated according to the selected theory. Through analysing each musical score accompanying the scene, the traits correlating to the each scene genre can also be recorded.

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