Chris Johnson

PhD Music Production

Thesis title: I Can't Hear Me Anymore

An investigation into the evolution of an artistic self through contemporary music production processes.

My research considers how the creative persona of a recording artist is affected by the music production process. I am investigating how different models of collaboration and different approaches to the technology used in composition and production affect a producer-songwriters view of their own creative self and their evaluation of this persona’s representation in the final product.

The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is at the centre of most production processes, and its accessibility has allowed a growing number of artists to produce themselves. This DIY producer is often a sole creative able to and required to fulfil multiple creative, technical and entrepreneurial roles within a production, from initial musical idea to final mix, and as such the production process presents countless opportunities for them to express an artistic persona in the sonic worlds they create. They can distil elements of their visual image, personal history, musical influences and worldview into a curated artistic Self that is represented in their production sound.

I am investigating this through the composition and production of 2 albums with myself as artist-participant-observer, employing various models of collaboration and a range of production techniques.

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