Linda Marshall Griffith

PhD Theatre/Radio

Thesis title: Dramaturgy of Silence


Does silence exist and if so how? Is an aural concern alone, or is it perceived and experienced? Can we recognise it and what is its function in radio plays? Working from an emerging typology of silence this practice-based research examines the territory between silence and words in radio-plays, exploring both contrapuntally and compositionally the relationship of words and silence through rhythm, omission and glitch.  How does silence complicate text, and within those ruptured spaces what is communicated? Do words break silence, or does silence devour words? Referring to Kristeva’s writings on the semiotic and both Deleuze’s and Blanchot’s notions of silence, this thesis argues that silence is vital to the radio-play, acknowledging the form first as a medium of sound, whilst negotiating narratives that journey into and out of silence. The practice consists of two radio plays both broadcast on BBC Radio Four, ‘The Sky is Wider’ (Winner of Best Single Drama 2017,  BBC Audio Drama Awards) and ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ (Grand Prix, Prix Marulic Festival 2016).

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