Performance in and on our world

This curated panel as part of a University wide research conference presents a snapshot of some of the current research in drama, theatre and dance being conducted by both academic staff and postgraduate research students at York St John University. While marked by diversity – in terms of both focus and methodology – there are some striking themes that link these papers. Most particularly there is a shared concern with the relationship between performance and our world. From applied practice exploring dementia and self-hood through dance; to methodological questions about authorship; to a practice-based exploration of domestic violence; to interrogation of questions of beauty and audience experience, there is a recurring acknowledgement that performance is a doing that both takes place in our world and which impacts on our world.

Paper 1. Jules Dorey Richmond, David Richmond ‘Violent State: We Need to Talk About Violence’

Paper 2. Elaine Harvey Movement, Memory & Selfhood: exploring creative embodied practices with people living with dementia

Paper 2. Cath Heinemeyer and El Stannage Authorship, Language and Rigour in the ‘Second Wave’ of Applied Practice Research

Paper 4. Matthew Reason Watching Dancers Pretend to be Soldiers: Effect, Beauty and the Audience Experience

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