Public Engagement in Interactive and Participatory Art

As part of European Funded Research and Development project with the mixed media company KMA, Dr Eirini Nedelkopoulou organised and hosted a two-day closed symposium entitled ‘Public Engagement in Interactive and Participatory Art’. The scope of the event was to exchange knowledge and experience regarding the making, theorisation and experience of the audience’s status and condition in art.  The collective discussions reflected on and posed new questions about the current state of participatory and interactive art and questioned the emergence of ‘new’ art/performance paradigms. The event opened up the possibility of building productive and critical alliances between academics, artists, industry, commissioners. Academics, curators, digital industry specialists and artists participated in the event including Dr. Shane Boyle (Queen Mary University of London), Dr. Sigrid Merx (University of Utrecht), CREW (Brussels), Adam Scott (Freestate, London), Prof. Maaike Bleeker (University of Utrecht) and Katia Arfara (Athens - Onassis Cultural Centre).

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