Flesh Grass Fresh Grass

Theatre (Claire Hind) in collaboration with Gary Winters

On the south wall in the chancel of the Church of St Michael, Coxwold, is the memorial tomb of Thomas, 1st Viscount Fauconberg, and his wife Barbara Cholmeley erected in 1618. The couple are carved in stone shown kneeling in silent prayer. Below them is an inscription that commemorates Thomas’ love to Barbara ‘Omnis homo bulla, omnis caro faenum’ which translates to ‘Every man is a bubble all flesh is grass’. The exhibition at Shandy Hall took this phrase as inspiration for a creative writing project and we have written and produced a series of neon lights and photographed them in wild locations across the North York Moors. The exhibition researches and celebrates the imagined, the magical, the serendipitous and the ephemeral. We noted the provocative nature of the pop-up installation, powered by a petrol generator and witnessed by an incidental audience mainly at sunrise or sunset, gave insight to how the work points toward a cinematic aesthetic, rather akin to Cindy Sherman’s Film Stills (1979) that evoke, but can’t quite place, a cultural source.               

Installations: March 2016. Locations: Whitby and the North York Moors.

Exhibition 12th – 19th April 2016; Shandy Hall, The Laurence Sterne Trust, Coxwold.

View more information about the exhibition on the Laurence Sterne Trust website.


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