Transnational Cinema

An Introduction

Media Studies (Steve Rawle)

Cross-border politics and interactions are a core part of our lives in a global era and cinema is perhaps the medium best placed to engage with these globalised themes.

Transnational Cinema: An Introduction provides a thorough overview of the recently emerged field of transnational film studies. Covering a range of approaches to analysing films about migrant, cross-cultural and cross-border experience, Steve Rawle demonstrates how film production has moved beyond clear national boundaries to become a product of border crossing finance and creative personnel. This extensive text brings together the key concepts and theories of transnational cinema, including genre, remakes, diasporic and exilic cinema, and the limits of thinking about cinema as a particularly national cultural artefact.

It is an excellent course companion for students of Film, Cinema, Media and Cultural Studies studying transnational and global cinema, and provides both students and lovers of film alike with a strong grounding in this timely field of film studies.

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