Ways to Wander the Gallery

Theatre (Claire Hind) in collaboration with Clare Qualmann (University East London)

This project looks at the relationship between artworks that have featured at Tate Modern, walking arts practice and experimental writing. Hind and Qualmann wrote a creative programme for Tate and delivered 6 workshops in relation to the project. All those present developed written or visual scores responding to selected artworks at Tate that reflected or had a relationship to walking arts practice.

Practice explored in the different Tate spaces included durational walks, rule based and ambulatory experiences, micro-performances of the everyday, interventions and performance walking encounters. Wanders invited participants to engage with the work of Bruce Nauman, Rebecca Horn, Hits Steyerl, Joseph Beuys, Janet Cardiff, Julie Mehretu. Practice allowed the group to explore (in different ways) vast spaces such at the Turbine Hall and brought to the foreground interesting discussions around the ‘ghosts’ of Tate through the visible traces of previous artworks and installations. We raised questions about how we engage with art through walking, and how, as makers, thinkers, writers, artists, we produce walking scores for spaces outside of the gallery inspired by artworks at Tate. Experimental writing/drawing workshops explored a history of conceptual arts’ relationship to the score, (Fluxus scores, visual treatments, documentation as performance). We asked (and are now finding out) what happens when we leave the gallery, how and when does the work have agency elsewhere, and where? On the moors, on the beach in the supermarket?

Phase one:  Workshops at Tate Modern London, June and July 2017.

Phase Two: A publication of scores with essay in a book published by Triarchy Press (due 2018) entitled Ways to Wander the Gallery (Tate Modern).

Learn more about the Ways to Wander the Gallery workshops on the Tate Modern London website.


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