Where in Your Body?

Theatre/Dance (Matthew Reason)

Where in your body?’ is a single question online audience research survey, piloted for performances of 5 Soldiers by Rosie Kay Dance Company and now also disseminated to audiences of Scottish Ballet and (in a translated version) the Royal Danish Theatre.

The rationale with this question is two-fold. First I am interested in kinesthetic responses to dance and the ways in which audiences engage with dance in an embodied manner. This question provides respondents with an opportunity to think about bodies. It asks, effectively, was it a bodily experience for you and in what way, but does so in a playful and engaging manner. And second, this playfulness was deliberate, designed to elicit talk, to stir a small moment of wonderment, to encourage participants to actively ponder.

To date over 2,000 spectators have answered this question, making over 60,000 words of comment and providing an intriguing insight into their experiences of dance, theatre and ballet.

Visit the Where in your body? website


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