Cognitive Psychology Research Group

Cognitive Psychology Research Group includes staff and students with research interest in basic and applied cognitive psychology. The interests of group members lie across the areas of memory, language, problem solving, perception, and cognition and emotion, in adult, child, and specialist populations.




Dr Scott Cole - 

Dr Matthew Coxon - 

Dr Nicola Cutting - 

Dr Elizabeth Edwards - 

Prof Mark Edwards - 

Charlotte Elwell - 

Dr Lorna Hamilton - 

Dr Jelena Mirković - 

Dr Nicola Savill - 

Dr Justyna Needham -


Postgraduate students

Jessica Brown

Alex Bond

Chloe Metz

Helgi McClure


If you have any questions about the Cognitive Research Group, and what we do, please contact Jelena Mirković 


For students with interests in Cognitive Psychology


If you are interested in postgraduate study in this area, you could consider completing an MSc by research, or a PhD.


The principles, perspectives, and research in Cognitive Psychology is taught by the members of the group across all three years of the BSc undergraduate syllabus:

Year 1:

  • Cognitive Psychology 1/Cognition
  • Psychobiology 1/Biological Bases of Behaviour
  • Developmental Psychology 1/Foundations of Human Development

Year 2:

  • Cognitive Psychology 2/Investigating Cognition
  • Psychobiology 2/Advanced Topics in Brain and Behaviour
  • Developmental Psychology 2/Infant and Child Development

Year 3 (optional modules):

  • Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Language Development
  • Memory Improvement

Cognitive Psychology also features in other modules in the programme including: Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Adolescent Development.


If you are interested in the research by the staff members please get in touch with them -- volunteering as a Research Assistant while pursuing your degree is always a good way to learn more!

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